Don’t count the drops; count the catches

My friend at AreYouZhaZha said this far more eloquently then I can today in her blog:

Walking across the street from my building to the main building a driver stopped, stopped her car in the middle of the road, with traffic, leaned her head out of her open window and shouted, “That is a beautiful dress!”  Instantly I went to Cloud 9—a rather odd expression for being elated, excited and giddy.

As I floated by with an absurd grin on my face another voice spoke to me,  “You don’t know who I am, do you?”  Let me segue by saying I HATE that question.  HATE.  If you have to ask it you’ve obviously seen that vacant look in my eyes.  Why embarrass me?  Insert nervious laughther.  “Of course I do.”  Not a total lie as I knew I should know who she was and I did know the face.  I couldn’t have summoned her name but that’s splitting hairs.  “I take boards June 4th,”  ahhh…now I knew.  This was a nursing student I hired.  “I’ve been wanting to come by and say thank you.  I already have a job in the unit you put me into….”I didn’t hear the rest.  I heard THANK YOU and knew that what I do made a difference to her.  Giddiness times 10. I helped start someone’s dream. That’s a pretty hefty feeling.

Gliding to the elevators I heard, “Girl, what a pretty color that is,”  she was pointing at ME and my recently complimented dress.  I smiled, grinned, thanked her and continued on my merry way. I think I was almost skipping at this point.

I had a fantastic one-on-one lunch with someone I really like and admire.

I am determined to put myself out of my comfort zone and Zumba ALONE tonight.

I have decided to take control of my summer and am taking Friday’s in June off.

It’s been a FANTASTIC DAY.  Fan-tazz-tick.

Here  comes the afternoon.  One e-mail after another. Chip—this one takes a swing at my happy mood.  Chip-chip…another one.  Piece by piece my happy walls gets chipped away.  Right before quitting time I am as low as low can go and near tears.  There goes the happy. I have to hand over something I’ve worked very hard on for a long, long time and I have to hand it to someone I fear won’t use it and won’t care. Chip.  A question I can’t answer. Chip. Chip. A sneaky attempt to gain intel…chip, chip, chip.  A to – do list getting longer rather then shorter. Accepting decisions I don’t like or agree with but are made for the good of a whole. Chip, chip, chip.

I want to cry.  I want to drop my hands in my hands and scream but then I think of AreYouZhaZha and her recent message.  I’ve caught more then I’ve dropped today.  It’s my choice to count the dropped balls or to count the zingers that landed me in a happy place.  I am going to count those.  Thanks ZHAZHA. Read it for yourself to see the parallels. I love having wise friends!

5 thoughts on “Don’t count the drops; count the catches

  1. I am crying! (Happy, loved tears, of course.) I’m sorry there were bad parts to the day that threathened the good though. Another force-myself-to-see-a-bright-side thing I’ve started – count the bad parts and challenges as blessings/opportunities because bright side – we are still here to have those challenges. By the way, your dress and you are lovely and you gave a friend really good advice (that I used tonight). I love my wise friends …

  2. I missed this dress!!! Post pics please! I had that same kind of day yesterday–head in hands, crying. I watched “Little House on the Prairie” last night to make myself feel better. It was the one where Laura thinks she’s discovered gold in the creek and spends two weeks panning it out and dreaming of the life she’ll give her family…only to be told by the banker that it’s Fool’s Gold. Poor Half Pint!

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