Mommy Math

The cluster factor. As a mom this elusive formula must be factored into every decision. Taking a 3yr old to a movie: CF 9=no go.

This week I had a particularly difficult equation to work out-celebrity golf tournament with a cluster factor of 10. There are times when you the worth it number > the cluster factor which = doing it. This must be carefully computed.

This weekend involved another 5 hour drive (CF=9) to get to a really nice hotel (WI=9) with an incredible pool (WI=10+). The weekend involves seeing family we hadn’t seen in years (WI=10). But then there is the current condition of my: body, hair, overall appearance and wardrobe (CF=9).

Immediately following drive was a cocktail gathering (CF=9) on the patio. Keep on mind we are traveling with 3 kids. Saturday-on course by 8a to serve as official photographer and his trusty assistant (me). (WI=10) – (CF 10+) as the kids would have to hang out on the 18th green for 5-6 hours. Saturday night-personal concert (WI=10++++) until you factor in Sadies extreme stranger phobia and fear of loud noises. With that added on the CF outweighs the WI factor because holding a 40+ pound terrified toddler at a concert is just nasty.

Now I had to factor in stress level of husband divided by the angst of fidgety big kids X moms stress level when 3 kids + 1 hotel room + expecting perfect behavior….
I’ve never been good at math but even I know that those numbers just don’t add up. In this case WI<CF so we will be staying home ;(.


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