My week in Titles

I am not a fan of the phrase “I am so busy” for a variety of reasons. Someday I’ll write more on that particular subject, but not today. Today I am going to say that due to on over abundance of constraints on my time recently by poor blog has not been getting much attention. That’s not to say that there haven’t been topics that I’ve been itching to address.

Here are just a few samples of things I would have written about had I had 15 minutes to spare any day last week.


It is so exhausting to be Libby Pyle.

Just got this one at lunch today after admitting to my mindset about something as innocent as a play date. They may have a point. See entry re: team t-shirt.

Why do Weight Watchers when you aren’t Zumba-ing?

My never quit, finish what you start mentality is apparently being overlooked.

My daughter is an athlete.

My very dear and very wise friend made me admit this and actually say it aloud. Why it was so hard to do I will never know? After making the All-Star Softball team and having the potential to make the All-Star County Swim team this year I think it’s time I learned to say this with conviction.

2 more steps and it would have been up where it belongs.

…and it does not belong on the garage floor. This rant will take awhile.


‘wheez Mom, Whill out’ says the 3-year old

  1. I am in big trouble when this one hits double-digits
  2. The 3’s are terrible, trying and traumatizing.
  3. What is it they say about from the mouths of babes?

Candied Grapes and Flavored Popcorn-I am going for the Mommy Merit Badge

A play date, a birthday party, an attempt at a teen party and pool time. I rocked my day off.

It is a good thing I DON’T KNOW is an answer since I’ve used it 100 times today.

My goal this week—to not use this answer at least once.

When did deadlines become suggestions?

Just wondering. If someone tells me something is due I sort of take that seriously.

The trauma of the t-shirt

Who knew designing, printing and distributing a team t-shirt could be so stressful? Maybe this would be a good time to refer back to the first title. Yes, I giggled like a schoolgirl when he asked if I would be team mom.

Yes, it’s sad to admit that I was tickled pink when asked if I would be team mom. I really need to get out more.

I’ve never had the burden of an over achieving child before.

Seriously-mediocrity has its perks.

The summer of the BIGS

At some point I do need to chronicle all this success my BIGS are having this summer.

Hormones-they’ve got too many and I don’t have enough.

Some higher power is laughing uproariously right about now. I have a 13-year old son with raging hormones who knows how to use them. A 10-year old daughter with raging hormones who has no idea what to do about them and my hormones seem to blink on and off like a neon sign at a cheap motel with a missing letter these days. The combination of the 3 of us is not a good one. He’s begging for puberty but has 1 hair under 1 armpit on 1 side of his body. Meanwhile, the daughter has had to cream away her armpit hair multiple times this summer—much to her horror. She’s on a fast track to puberty and he’s not even in the race. I meanwhile, seem to be making a victory lap around the hormonal arena.

You were born to live near water.

It was noted after a satisfying Father’s Day on the lake that I am happiest and calmest when water is involved-the beach, sliding down rocks, swimming or floating in the river. Hum. Never thought of that before.

The Stigma of the Cash Car

That puff of white smoke every 5th start announces to the world-or anyone within 20 feet of the parking lot—that we’ve downsized to a cash car.

Big lady bathing suits

Seriously humbling

Cutest Wedgie I ever did see

I can’t help it. I love my pudgy baby girl toddling around in her braids and her pink bikini bottom wedgie and her chunka-munka legs.

Old Friends

I love me some AJ

Ahh…the many uses of the Mini-Bottle

Does this really require explanation?


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