Little Moments in Big Days

The summer of 2013 is sure to go down in our family history books as a BIG ONE.
I am trying to keep things in perspective as I zoom from here to there. Saturday I literally jerked off my Barracuda team shirt in the middle of the kitchen yelling, “FIND YOUR SOCK!!!” as I struggled into the softball team shirt. Having just left a county swim meet I had an aroma of chlorine while my daughter, who swam in the meet, slipped into her softball gear (to include the socks I had to find UNDER HER BED). She looked the part—in her brilliant blue jersey and tight black pants. Only her bicep that read, “CHLORINE IS MY PERFUME” of the Barracuda temporary tattoo gave her away.

The BIG Saturday worked out and my girl was able to swim in the county meet and make it to the BIG game in Marietta in time to play. I manged to cheer correctly at both. I didn’t encourage her to ‘swim hard’ at the softball meet and to keep her eye on the ball at the swim meet. Given the chaos of the day I was worried about that.

My daughter gave her best and had a very solid swim day. She took the field with a smile and had the dug-out chanting before the 2nd pitch. She outdid herself and I couldn’t be prouder.

I don’t often give myself props but I got mega brownie points from her—which to anyone with a precocious pre-teen will attest to—is a big deal.

A friend of mine calls me INTENSE. Another calls it “loving loudly”. Both apply. Sometimes I am ashamed of being intense and of loving my kids so loudly. Not today. I was an INTENSE mom on Saturday. I yelled and hooted and hollered and encouraged until I was hoarse. I pumped them up and then teared up as they headed off to do their thing. I had t-shirts to display my pride for both big events. I declined all common sense and broke every speed law possible to get my girl from Athens to Marietta in time to join her team. She put in the work to get this far. It only seemed right for me to put forth the effort to let her savor every moment.

In the middle of all the BIGS there were a few take-aways. Small things hidden inside bigger things. Moments that I hope I remember forever, even after I’ve forgotten which place she came in or what his time was on the IM.

​My girl thanked me 100 times for making it possible to do both things on Saturday. I appreciated her appreciation.

​The hug my boy returned even though he was standing next to a pretty girl his own age.

​The lump in my throat and the tears on my face when the National Anthem rang out in the UGA Natatorium.

​The pride I felt when the team squealed in delight and commented that they had missed Kinsley’s spirit when we made it to the softball game.

​The joy I felt when I heard her voice, loud and strong, cheering on her teammates from the outfield.

​The sweetness of my baby girl when I kissed her in her sleep after being gone all day.

​Hearing my big girl say she was proud of herself when she was invited to swim for the OC All-Star swim team. Pre-teen girls need to feel proud of themselves and I don’t think that happens very often with my perfectionist, competitive daughter.

​The 2 hours in the car with my big girl without a single cross word between us. AND…hearing my daughter say,”This has been GREAT. We didn’t have a single fight!”

​Seeing all the softball parents…well…most of them…wearing t-shirts that I helped with.

​Watching a coach compliment  my daughter on her great attitude. (Yes, really).

​Watching my daughter have a dream come true. Making an All-Star team was her dream and this summer she made 2 All-Star teams.

​Seeing my 13 year old get his swagger back as he re-gained some confidence that he had lost during the school year.

Seeing 2 strong, healthy, athletic bodies do completely own their moments.

Hearing that my intense, loving out loud was appreciated my those that I cheer the loudest for.

To quote my daughter, “now THAT was a day!”



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