When i think of summer….

I think if that center bite of a big, juicy, crescent shape piece of watermelon and the seed spitting contest that followed. Not minding the sticky juice that covered your cheeks and dripped down your chin.

Lightning bugs in a mason jar.

The wrrrrrrrrrr of the ice cream maker as it churned along and the excitement that followed when the wrrrrrrring stopped.

Homemade Popsicles made of orange juice in Tupperware Popsicle makers.

Being barefoot -all the time.

Playing in the sprinklers in the grass and not caring that the dirt and grass stuck to you.

Being allowed to stay up late while the adults hung out.

Sleeping on the screened porch. Pretending not to be afraid when the crickets and bill frogs started their concert and the night turned inky black.

The slamming if the screen door followed by the shout, “In or out!”

Jumping in puddles when the summer storm passed on.

Peering out if the blinds to see a hazy, gray day and being disappointed thinking that meant the trip to Stone Mountain was over. Followed immediately by relief when mom promised it would burn off.


Peanut butter and honey sandwiches if you waited long enough to eat it the honey would harden just a bit. If it was a good day there would also be thin, salty, greasy Charles Chips out if the yellow can that say atop the frig. A few if those crushed between the peanut butter…yum!

White canvas Keds that you got to wear without socks.

Drinking from the hose when you got thirsty. Kinking that same hose up and letting it go when the next one tried to drink. Inevitably a water fight followed.

Pick up whiffle ball games in the cul-de-sac.

Miles and miles put on that pink huffy bike.

Driving to grandmothers and one of us getting to lay down on the big bench seat while the other one got to do her best to stretch out on the floorboard.



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