4 Points?!

I started weight watchers today. Unexpectedly. My husband signed me up about lunchtime. My kids just read this over my shoulder and gasped, “Why would he do that?” I’ve been threatening but not doing. He had an extra little bit of money so VILOA! Here I am.

Interestingly my day-from-hell had made my eating choices reduced to what I could eat while typing and by the foods I had stashed in my drawer. My oatmeal, turkey burger, baked chips and fat free cookies seemed so wise. I almost smirked as I learned to play and track my oh-so-sensible choices. I almost expected my little phone screen to light up with, “wow! Nice job. Treat yourself to an ice cream!”

Before I finished entering my food I got sucked back into the nightmare that has been my week. I discovered that the work I spent 40 hours on was….I almost can’t even type this…WRONG. My boss cranked out the right report in a slick, easy to read format in less then an hour. I blink back tears of pure embarrassment and frustration to tackle my next daunting task literally saying a little prayer, “please let me get this right, please let me get this right, please let me get this right.”

Skip ahead to days end. I am a little battered and bruised but doing my best to find light at the end of the tunnel. Prepared o boost my confidence I hit the WEIGHT WATCHERS app to track my points. After my smart food choice day I am sure to be given electronic permission for some good-ole-comfort food.

4 freakin points! That’s my “balance” for the day. My little packet of instant oatmeal was 3 points. 3. I have 4 left. The thought of getting to eat little more then 3 spoons of oatmeal are almost more then I can bare.

I get a text saying “rotisserie chicken for dinner.” I have hope! Some chicken on top of a big-ole-bowl of white rice. I can forgo butter. All the way home I try and ignore my hunger. I can barely contain myself as I rush in the door. On my phone I enter “white rice” to see how many cups my 4 point will buy me.

5 points for rice?! I notice activity points. There is hope. I grab my shoes, beg my daughter to join me and hit the street. With every step I am thinking, “rice….walking for rice…”

30 minutes later I am back online.

35 minutes later I am sitting down to 2 cups of raw spinach, 1 cup of chicken, a spoon of salsa and 2 tablespoons of light vinaigrette.




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