First Weigh In

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao Tzu

Evidentially the journey to 30 pounds begins with 2.

2 pounds.

I stood in the grocery store and calculated points before I put things into the buggy. I’ve pre-made, prepared and pre-packed all my food this week. I’ve carefully counted rice cakes. I’ve snacked on carrots and oranges. I’ve been hungry-HUNGRY-I tell you. I’ve been careful to NOT use all my points on any given day. I’ve been diligent and careful and committed.

For 2 pounds?

I gotta admit-I had higher hopes. In my obviously delusional mind, my checks were more pronounced, my waist was re-emerging and my torso was less pudgy. Silly I know but I really, really physically felt like I could feel the changes. PUH-LEEZE. 2 pounds is a bad day. 2 pounds is pair of shoes. 2 pounds does not a difference make.

In all honesty, while I have embraced the points I have yet to get out and get moving…after that first day when I walked for rice. Now that school has started and routines will be settling into place getting that weeknight walk in will be easier. I’ll make that the goal for this week. Although if I perform physical activity while HUNGRY and don’t see more then 2 pounds difference it won’t be pretty.

2 pounds. GEEZ.

At 2 pounds it will be 15 weeks before I get to my goal. And let’s be honest…my goal should more weight loss. I eased myself gently into this whole thing by giving myself what I felt like was a doable goal. At this rate I’ll get into my generous goal weight by what, Christmas? Holy mackerel. That’s a lot of counting.

2 pounds. Two. Less then 3 (and I don’t mean the text type for love). I literally mean

Anyone else find that commercial with the camel walking around asking folks what day it is amusing? In my head I am hearing that voice asking, “What’s today? What’s today? WEIGH-IN day.” Walking up to the professional scale I am using I was almost swaggering. I actually wanted to weigh. I stepped up with confidence. I smirked and didn’t everything but give myself a fist bump when I noticed the numbers kept going and going and going. I was temped to step off before the numbers settled in but I refused to be a coward so I stood there and waited (or weighted it) it out. My walk away from the scale was very, very different then my walk to the scale.

I am not giving up. I am starting as the AFTER but fully intend in getting back to the BEFORE me-the me that has cheekbones and a waist. The me that could tuck stuff in and wear jeans. Here’s the me I would like to get back to…,



6 thoughts on “First Weigh In

  1. One of the things that I found slowed my weight loss was not using all of my points in a given day. It’s hard to get all of your good health guidelines in & eat all of your points. Trust in the number of points you are given and you’ll see the pounds start to fall off.

      • I started with the lowest number of points (26) and for the first two weeks I think I was eating 20 points a day and not touching my weekly points. I felt the exact same way like I was over eating. One of the things I did when I was having a hard time was eat a handful of almonds at 3-4 points in between lunch and dinner and added a glass of milk to dinner. It made up for the point difference and I still felt like I was making healthy decisions vs. eating 6 points worth of chips or cookies.

        I’m a big believer that not all points are created equally. Some “healthy” things are high in points because they have good fats and some things that do nothing for you nutritionally are low points because they’ve been modified to be lower cal/ no fat etc. etc.

        In sum eat the points everyday and don’t feel bad if from time to time you use some of your weekly points, that’s what they are there for.

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