Pencil in a crayon box

Take aways from the week…

Some days you just feel like a pencil in a crayon box. That was me today. Nothing wrong with a pencil. A pencil doesn’t make things very pretty, it’s not very interesting but it has a place and gets a job done.

Your ears don’t actually bleed the 1000th time the SAME Taylor Swift sing plays. They want to but they don’t.

First day of school anxiety doesn’t go away just because you aren’t the student. In fact they may be worse when you are a parent.

Together and grounded people stay together even when they feel like they are flying apart.

2 pounds=7000 calories. When you look at it from that side of things it feels much, much better.

Being called a “get it done girl” is both rewarding and slightly terrifying.

You can be graceful and poised on the outside even when you are using harsh sign language in your mind. It isn’t easy but it can be done.

The Disney channel is 14 times LOUDER then any other station. I believe they play the channel to prisoners of war as a means of torture.

I have really cool friends.

Is lowering my expectations the same as giving in? Or giving up?

Yellow cupcakes and red candy make adorable softball party treats.
Softball cupcakes

The benefit of working late is that the first one home makes dinner.

Changing your outlook takes work-and sometimes that work is as simple as a notebook in your pocket reminding you to seek the good, gratifying parts of the day instead of the negative ones. 🙂 nicely done Jean

When one of the CKs are gone it leaves a hole. We miss our Erica!

You say tomato, I say too-mah-toe—-it’s the same thing but sometimes someone else’s way of seeing things just sounds better.

Thistle and pumpkin are fun words to say.

There are mothers who literally run their children to school. Literally. 2 miles. To school. 2 miles home. On purpose. Every day.

I will never, ever be the mother above.

Coloring with your 3 year old is priceless and almost makes up for the torture of trying to reason with a 3 year old.

Shark Week ROCKS!

The car rider line is not that difficult people!

I am going in....if I don't come out send help!

I am going in….if I don’t come out send help!

I love knowing that I am not the only one to spazz out on her children that first morning of school. Nor am I alone when I feel bad about it all day.

You can be a liability or you can be an asset-the trick is being with the right folks.

45 min of walking earns about 1/3 cup of white rice! That’s just wrong.


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