43 things to do at 43

My, “Now that I am 43 I will….” list.

1. Get back into my sassy orange pants. WAHOO-Thanks to Weight Watchers I can already say I am on my way to this goal.
2. Have an adventure.
3. Take a road trip involving at least 3 states.
4. Write more in my gratitude journal.
5. Do one non-Libby thing.

Climbing rocks at the Joshua tree!

Climbing rocks at the Joshua tree!

6. Re-create a room in my house.
7. Paint something. (watch out opps shelf-here I come)
8. Take a course/seminar or attend a conference.
9. Teach my 10 year old something new. (this could be very bad or very cool)
10. Teach my 3 year old something new
11. Teach my 13 year old something
12. Wear a bathing suit without shorts over it.   C’mon points…don’t fail me now.
13. Eat on a terrace or veranda in beautiful weather somwhere with an inspiring view.
14. Do something just for me.
15. Do something just for someone else.
16. Preform random acts of kindness more.
17. Try a new food.
18. Do one thing outside of my comfort zone.
19. Make at least 2 personal and well thought out Christmas gifts.
20. Write more letters.
21. Meet someone new–someone I introduce myself to (ACK).
22. Play hookey one day and do something spontaneous and fun with my babies.
23. Let my 10 year old teach me something new.
24. Let my 13 year old teach me something new.
25. Hike. Somewhere. Willingly.
26. Cook more meals using fresh ingredients…yes, this includes vegetables.

Low points, colorful and fresh.  I am happy.

Low points, colorful and fresh. I am happy.

27. Buy more fresh flowers for the house just because I like them.
28. Fix something at home that has always bothered me.
29. Walk at least a mile in some place or some route I’ve never taken before.
30. Continue to write on my blog and maybe take one-single-baby-step to make it grow.
31. I will create or make something.
32. Check into Lasix.
33.  Tell someone Thank You or how much they mean to me when they aren’t expecting it.
34. Try to be a bit kinder to myself.
35. Continue in my quest to find the A+ moment of each and every day.
36. Track my progress on this, my 43 year bucket list.  Hey…it works!
37. Totally embrace a new challenge and think, “I CAN” rather than “I CAN’T”.
38. Continue to nurture friendships that have become so very important to me.

Cool Kids

Cool Kids

39. Print out pictures that I take.
40. Play in the rain.
41. Laugh a bit more.
42. Read a bit more.
43. Live. Really live.


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