Week 2: So not what I was expecting

Weigh In day.

I’ve got to be honest…it’s a little bit exciting. My expectations are GREAT. My results…eh…not so much.

I can honestly say that I am working this plan. I am not ‘forgetting’ to log food, I am not cheating, I am truly embracing the concept. I ‘weigh’ my options. I make adjustments. Pizza night? I conserve points during the day. Birthday lunch? I eat it-in smaller portions then pre-WW and then make my adjustments that evening. “No thank you, “say I to the lovely white rice, “I’ll have this homemade salsa instead.” Because as much as I love, love, love white rice and pasta eating ¼ cup for 5 points is just enough to make me fighting mad. I’d rather just not have any. So I am really and truly doing this.

Last night was the first night I exceeded my “points” for the day. My portion size was the culprit. My overage? 3 points.

And then I hit the weigh in.

Eagerly I bounce up on the scale. Yes. Eagerly. The digital numbers roll and change and I am expecting them to stop but they don’t. Up. Up. Up.

1 pound. I’ve lost 1 pound. My whopping total to date: 3 pounds.


I need help here. Does anyone have advice on what I am not doing right?

Has anyone else been in this situation? I knew to expect a plateau—but not in the FIRST 2 WEEKS. I thought that would come closer to my target weigh. A weight that I thought was obtainable, realistic and sensible. It’s not looking so obtainable, sensible and realistic now.

Pause. Deep breath. Make that 2 deep breaths. Sigh.

I will not quit. I will not. I have to believe with a few tweaks I can make this thing work.

Staying true to my new goal of finding the positive in everything I will say this:

  • I am eating better than ever before-veggies and fruits are now main components of my meals. That’s totally new for me.
  • I feel skinnier. I know that sounds stupid but I do.
  • I am wearing a dress that I love that I wouldn’t wear before now. It’s not quite the fit I want but it’s on and I have to believe that is a start.
  • 1 pound=3500 calories. Proof of my efforts I suppose.
  • There is some room for maneuvering. Truth be told, I haven’t done as much activity as I would like. Second truth, I’ve gotten closer to using all my points but I don’t know that the Weight Watchers ice cream was the way to go for that last 3 points.
  • I am not just sitting complaining about a problem…I am working toward a solution.
  • </u

    Back to counting points.



16 thoughts on “Week 2: So not what I was expecting

  1. Congrats on your loss. A one pound loss is great. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs a week. You’re right there. If you’re following the system, including portion sizes, try increasing your water consumption. A general rule of thumb is half of your body weight in ounces. Give that a whirl and see how next week treats you. Just remember, the scale is moving in the right direction; progress is being made.

    • Thank you! Thank you! I needed to hear that. Thanks for the water tip too-drinking enough water has always been hard for me. In all my points counting I totally forgot to add more water.

  2. Yeah for YOU! Can you find a way to celebrate the 3lbs total weight loss instead of spending all this energy on running down that it’s ONLY 3lbs? Would you celebrate at 4? 5? When is it going to be OK to be happy that you are adopting good habits and taking care of yourself? You have made 100 victories off the scale and THREE victories on the scale. PLEASE give yourself credit for that. And drink more water! And come up to my office so I can tell you how great you look!

  3. Congrats on the 3 lbs, that’s really exciting. To put it in perspective if you kept up 1.5 lb a week you’d be down almost 80 pounds in one year – those are big numbers.

  4. Keep up the good work, Libby! Losing weight is hard. I am so proud to hear you are eating some vegetables. Being in our 40s makes all this a little harder. Weight training can be a good help and doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Check out New Rules of Lifting for Women for a well-thought out work-out plan. I always found it easier to go in the gym with a plan instead of having to figure out what to do once I got there. Even if the direction is from a book and not a live trainer it is helpful to have a little structure to keep you on track. That’s why tracking those points on the food log helps–it keeps you mindful of what you are doing and provides structure. The other thing to remember is that the weight came on one pound at a time over a long period of time so it is unlikely (and unhealthy) to come off any more that a pound or two at a time. Keep your eye on the prize–sassy orange pants!

  5. Congrats on the one pound! After 40 the lbs. just come off slower…but it feels so good. Keep plugging away. Happy birthday, from a fellow Leo. Mine is August 14. I found your blog via your husband, who praised you on facebook. :). Fellow JSU alum as well. Love reading your blog. Thanks for writing.

    • Love those Gamecocks! Thanks for reading and for all the nice words. Every time I hit PUBLISH I have a moment of panic…reading that people read it (and like it) just tickles me pink.

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