6.2 isn’t just a number!

6.2 pounds

Pardon me while I do a little happy dance.

Six point two pounds.

What is 6.2 pounds? It’s more than you think.

6.2 pounds means the ability to wear a t-shirt without the wiggle dance to try and keep the bra down low enough so that you don’t have back rolls.

6.2 pounds means that the last time I put my hands on my waist I actually had the beginnings of one in which to prop. Before my 6.2 pounds when I tried to strike THE pose my hands might end up on my rib cage or below my hips. It was a straight shot so it was hard to tell. Now I have a target when I need to strike this intimidating pose.

6.2 pounds means that with the right waistband I can start thinking about…I need a moment here…tucking. Yes, tucking in. My daughter is 3 ½. I was pregnant for 10 months. Yep…it’s been 5 years before tucking anything in has been a possibility. I am not there yet but I am 6.2 pounds closer.

Today 6.2 pounds and a low waisted skirt means a BELT. It’s been a while on that front too so I had to look it up: a strip of leather or other material worn around the waist or across the chest, esp. in order to support clothes or carry weapon. To SUPPORT clothes. Up until 6.2 pounds ago I didn’t have a need to support my clothes. I had a need to EXPAND by clothes but they were being supported quite nicely by the extra roll around the waist. Having a need to support my clothes in order for them to stay in place is quite intoxicating.

6.2 pounds means a bit more confidence. Enough confidence that when a plea went out for volunteers for a walking study I raised by hand. If I can do THIS (WW) surely I can do THAT. Right? 6.2 pounds ago I would have been too embarrassed because part of the program requires a before and after weigh in and a physical assessment on the tread mill. Now I am still WWWWAAAYYYY away from my goal weight but I am not humiliated because I am doing something about it.

6.2 pounds meant that in my non-back-fat-wiggling t-shirt I was also able to sit normally instead of ramrod straight like a Veteran-Marine during a Military Ceremony. Or like that girl from 16 Candles that had on the scoliosis brace during the school dance…anyone remember? She had to step way back from the water fountain and lean forward at a 45 degree angle to get a sip. Wearing t-shirt pre-6.2 pounds had me doing any bending the same way. If I wasn’t wiggling to fix the back roll I was almost bent over backwards to try and avoid the front roll. This made softball watching in metal bleachers a real blast. I had to remain so sucked in with such stiff posture that I looked like one of those 1970 drinking bird toys if I had to move at all. I know you are thinking, ‘Why would you even WEAR a t-shirt?” I often asked myself that same thing.

Anyone remember these?

Anyone remember these?

6.2 pounds means I am doing this thing…really DOING it and I am doing it right.

6.2 pounds represents me working toward a goal and actually getting closer to obtaining it.

6.2 pounds means that I am back in control.

6.2 pounds means I am a scooch bit healthier.

6.2 pounds means I am almost 10 pounds closer to my sassy orange pants.

6.2 pounds means I have lost more than ½ of my first 10 pounds. 10 pounds=a size. A size drop means less ‘browsing’ in the WOMEN’s section. A dropped size means that I don’t have to consider getting the garment with an X in the size just to be comfortable.

As silly as this sounds, 6.2 pounds means my watch sits a little lower on my hand. Silly-admittedly- but every time I move my hand it’s a little reminder that I am getting somewhere.

6.2 pounds makes it a little easier to smile just a little broader.


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