Right is Right

So today I did the right thing.  Someone did something wrong that could have hurt someone very badly.  I fretted over it.  Worried about it; consulted someone else who was privy to the information and FINALLY decided that the right thing to do in this wrong situation was to tell the person that could be hurt about the potential disaster that was looming.  So I did.

I told.  My telling caused tears along with shock and disbelief.   The tears dried, the shock wore off and I was thanked.

Good deed done.  It’s RIGHT, right?

In doing my good deed there are consequences.   What I didn’t think about was that in righting one wrong I was making a target of someone else.   Now I am stuck right dab in the middle of something that I don’t want to be a part of, something that I don’t want to know about and a bad situation that is not of my making.  I did what I thought was right. I did it for the right reasons.  I felt good about the choice.  But…what if my choice to do the right thing innocently hurts someone else?

Is this why people stay silent, look the other way or pretend that they don’t know about wrong things?  Because when you start unraveling a wrong deed sometimes the tentacles of wrong inner twine with tentacles of good and separating the 2 is just too hard?  And is that right?  Is it okay to turn a blind eye because the right way might be hard?

If you are afraid of ‘being involved’ does that make you as wrong as the people that are hurting others?  I’ve always thought that it did.

But…there are times…like today…when the RIGHT thing comes in degrees and that you have to make a judgment call about the BEST right thing.  What if I judged wrong?   What criteria do I use for knowing what is the BEST right thing to do?

I am generally a simple person.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  I guess it’s not always that simple.

When you find out about a wrong and you want to make it right but another person doesn’t want to go to bat for right…well…what do you do?  When someone has to take action against a wrong action and it’s hard, very hard do they blame the person that tried to make it all right?  I think they do.  Is that a valid enough reason to look the other way?

Would I change my mind and pretend not to know if I could go back and do it over?   I don’t think so.  I don’t think that is what I am made of.

I am also not naïve.  I know that by doing right and shedding light on a wrong that I am making myself a target.  If I did the right thing for the right reason and with the right heart then I can’t be afraid of my choice….yeah…I can’t quite put a period on the end of that sentence.

I did the right thing, with the right heart.   That is my truth.


2 thoughts on “Right is Right

  1. Hello!

    Lovely post.

    “That is my truth”, you said. So you’re implying that truth is relative? And if it is, well, even though you feel you’ve done the right thing, you might have not in someone else’s opinions.

    I think there’s a difference between the “right” thing and the “good” thing. Doing the right thing isn’t always good, and doing the good thing, well, it isn’t always right.

    I think indeed, you’ve done the right thing in this situation. However the outcomes were negative… so is that good?

    Tough, eh?


    • Wow….your words made something click. Good and right are sometimes different. Neither good nor right is always easy but that’s part of the whole dilemma I guess. Thank you for reading and for responding! I appreciate both very much.

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