Want a little cheese to go with that whine?

Let’s sum up last week:

A mouse was discovered in my office. Well, not the actual mouse, but his ‘excrement’ was all over my desk and floor. Looked like my desk was more fun then the county fair from all the tidbits lying on and under the massive amounts of paper on my desk. Evidentially he thought snacks were included in his ticket as I found his hidey-hole in my top drawer. My mouse friend likes Lindor Lindt Truffles as much as I do.

Despite my proclamation to my family of, “THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT WEEK OF MY CAREER” there were, at one point, 3 children unable to go to school. 3. One with strep. Yes—highly contagious—strep throat. Luckily my husband heard very clearly, “THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT WEEK OF MY CAREER” and stayed home 2 days to care for sick babies.

The daycare was closed for ‘cleaning’ on Friday.

A Senior VP wanted to meet with me on Friday. See a predicament in those last 3 items? I did. Hubby had already taken off, my vacation day was cancelled and I had no place for the 3 year old. Hence my panicked text to my parents for some babysitting. They agreed so a last minute exchange was planned. A little more planning should have gone into the drop-off as my dad was at one end of the parking lot while we were at another—for over 30 minutes late on Thursday. We both watched the sunset from our different vantage points.

I left work well after 6p (4:30 is quitting time) all except the day that I left at 11:15pm after starting the day at 8:00(ish) AM.. The work got done but that was all that occurred. My house is in shambles.

I did not continue with my trend of losing weight. In large part due to the fact that meals during the day were often forgotten in my haste to get it done. There is something perverse about not losing weight because you don’t have time (or didn’t make time) to eat or drink water.

Now for the kicker—Despite my nagging and complaining and hinting and out-right demanding that attention be paid to the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT on BOTH cars; we didn’t do it. The fact that twice my car had stranded a child and me as it shuddered and whined and refused to go didn’t warrant immediate attention. Husband took my limping car and offered me his. At the first crank I noticed “CHECK ENGINE LIGHT” and asked about it. Was told, “they just need to reset the sensor. It’s okay.” The part about the engine-requiring repair in order for them to re-set the sensor didn’t make it into the explanation. So I drove it. All the while complaining about the light. The whining nor the words, “Something is bad wrong with your car. BAD. Like transmission bad,” didn’t entice any action. The result? Friday afternoon my husband coasted my car down a hill and into the repair shop. Mere hours later after I drive back and forth across town to pick him up from the garage and then from work—a tow-truck toted his car to another service center. Yep. 2 non-drivable cars in a single day. Hell in less then 6 hours. On a Friday. Friday is the day before Saturday. Saturday and Sunday are the days both garages were CLOSED. Let’s recap. 3-year-old daughter is at her grandparents an hour away and is slightly homesick. I need to get to her! Teen child is waiting at home to be driven to the high school football game and middle child is being picked up by friends with me not there to give her money or talk to the mom about pick-up and to offer thank you’s to these parents who are whisking my child away for the night. All this while I sit in a car in the 85degree heat, stranded miles away from home on a FRIDAY where everyone but US is somewhere else. I can’t even find a ride home. And I am in a car that won’t even pretend to start. To make matters worse this was the first time in months and months and months that we had been without our little doodlebug. Silly me had envisioned a date of sorts. I didn’t envision a night that ended in my screaming, “I told you so.” Yeah. I went there. Loudly. And I feel totally justified in doing so.

Friday I also discovered that, “happy birthday to me”, this was the year my license expired. Seeing a rental car in our future I know I have to get this taken care of PDQ.

Saturday morning. At the DMV. Oh there is so much to say here but I will refrain. Suffice it to say that the DMV on Saturday morning when they have computers shutting down at 1p and “you’ll either be seen by then or not” is no place to be. EVER.

As if my week weren’t grand enough a strange stomach ailment attacked me Saturday night while out to eat with a group of people. Needless to say—WW points got left on the board that night. Tummy still isn’t ‘right’.

Teen boy has his first F ever. Let’s be honest…teen boy had his first multiple F’s ever.

Darling daughter starts an after-school event on a day when I have NOT planned any transportation home.

The house next door to us discovers that their gas is leaking. 911 is called. Full suited fireman hose down her house. We live in a NEW neighborhood which means we don’t have yards, we have swatches. Our houses are so close together that the spray from the fireman’s house is getting US wet as we stand and watch. Good thing we aren’t smokers.

Teen boy has to work on a book report to which his aim of, “Finish quickly” does not coincide with my aim of, “Do your best and produce good work.” A tug of war insues.

Baby Girl has a busted lip. The bust is on the inside where the lip meets the gum. The gash is about an 1/2inch long. Apparently any large movement on her part aggrevates the gash–so about once a day it breaks back open and a small hemmorage occurs. I’ve warned the daycare but I still have a feeling I’ll be getting a frantic call in the middle of some big meeting. I know it hurts but I don’t know how to fix it. I hate not being able to do something for one of my babies. Last night as I am arriving at the softball park for the lovely night time practice she ran up to me all smiles. I thought she had eaten chocolate. Her face was literally smeared from ear to ear, her nose was ditry and her dress looked like a victim of an M&M explosion. It wasn’t chocolate. Ugh. Still shuddering a bit.

BIGGEST WEEK OF MY CAREER has spilled over into the 2nd BIGGEST WEEK OF MY CAREER; which includes an invite from Sr. VP to attend a night rounding event with the CEO until 1am this week.

Husband scheduled to be out of town this weekend but hey, we have this little problem of A LACK OF RUNNING AUTOMOBILES.

2 softball practices 3 nights of swim practice, an after hours meeting and now this late night meeting…all with A LACK OF RUNNING AUTOMOBILES.

Haven’t caught the mouse but have added a few more TO DO piles onto my desk for him to play in.

And the joy continues…car estimates in. Both estimates have comma’s. One estimate involved the words Transmission and Radiator. Should have said GOLD and SILVER with the prices that followed.

I know I am whining. Believe me, I spend a lot of time reminding myself of how lucky I am and how much worse things could be. I do. But car repair bills that are greater then what you paid for your POS car in an effort to save $…no transportation on the weeks when you have to work harder and later than ever…well sometimes you just have to whine. So I am. And no, I don’t want any cheese to go with that whine–after the car repairs I can’t afford the cheese OR the wine.




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