Homemade Halloween

It seemed like a good idea....

There are 2 things I do that drive me absolutely crazy.

I insist upon homemade Halloween Costumes and Handmade Valentines.  imageWhy I add that stress and pressure to myself is beyond me.  Each year on Halloween Eve I question both my sanity and my intelligence.  Those $20 polyester and vinyl pre-packaged items are looking very, very good after the 4th glue gun burn or the 9th fight with my daughter over “creative differences”.  To date our Halloween costumes have consisted of:  A jester made from duct tape and a pillow case, a peacock made with real peacock feathers, Fancy Nancy, an octopus (this one still makes me laugh), a vending machine (my all-time favorite), a paint brush (EPIC FAIL) and adorable raggedy witches.

Cutest witch I ever did seeWe were making our own costumes before it was cool.  Pre-Pintrest.  With Pintrest on the scene it’s opened a whole new range of ideas and an entirely new layer of pressure.  Turns out I am not the only crazy mom out there.  I am the not the most talented if the Pintrest pictures are to be believed.  The hand-made owl with individually cut felt feathers leaps to mind here.  Seriously, who has that kind of time?!   This makes me chuckle because making any sort of home-made costume this year will be stretching the limits of time that I have available.  Like my friend, BADDEST MOTHER EVER, says…you make time for what is a priority.  I’ll make time to sew, paint and create because it is a priority for me. Housecleaning-eh-not so much.   There are only so many hours in the day and less and less of those hours are being spent in the company of my babies—I am determined to try and make the time count.  Even if it means short fuses, messy tables and glitter everywhere.

Why is all of this a priority over anything else?  I am not really sure.  Maybe it’s an extended version of my friend, ALLONSEE description of ‘loving out loud’.  I am not president of the PTO.  I don’t get them off the bus everyday with hot, homemade chocolate chip cookies.   Heck…I am barely home in time to give them a warm dinner!  And to be honest even if I am home they are much more likely to get a semi-warm, semi-homemade dinner.  Homemade counts if you have to open, warm or combine more than 2 ingredients.  At least that is how it’s defined at our house.  As a “working mom” (I HATE THAT PHRASE) I try to be present when I am present to make up for times that I just can’t be there.  Part of that is making Halloween costumes or going over board when it’s my turn for snacks or goodie bags.

Now that I think about it there are 3 things that I do that make me CRAZY.  My need to excel at team snacks is another absurd little quirk.  Why create and print stickers for disposable bottles of water?!

The goodie bags

The goodie bags

Back to the irritant at hand.  Halloween.  Try as I might I just can’t let go of this idea of making my daughter use her creativity and helping her craft a costume.    Ideas in the running this year include-macaroni and cheese (yes, you read that right) or a flamingo.  We are saving toilet paper rolls in case mac and cheese is the final choice.  The youngest baby girl is leaning towards being a flower pot but she thought the cotton candy was cute too.  Yes, I’ll admit that those are Pintrest ideas.  I had a few moments of guilt thinking I should be the one with the creative idea and thinking that seeing an idea and re-creating an idea didn’t count as hand and homemade.  Yeah…my brain works like that a lot.  It’s exhausting.

Speaking of exhausting….in finding the halloween pictures i found a few more items that gave me pause. Necessary? Hardly.Maybe I should have said 4 things because now that I think about it I am semi-psycho about birthday decor too. Why I felt the need  handcraft paper pin wheels to adorn a class full of 2 year olds FOR DAYCARE is beyond me. And handcrafting cupcakes toppers with a toddlers monogram….well that is slightly absurd…but i did it. Hours and hours I will never get backimage3.jpg


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