Glitter, Hot Glue

Despite multiple 12+ hour days u managed to get it done. 1/2 of it anyway. The flower pot costume was a HIT. A total “score”. I felt my smile hit mega-watt about the 3rd house and the 3rd, “that is the cutest thing ever!” The,”total Mom win” and “Honey you’ve got to come see this!” we’re just icing in the cake. This just might have topped the octopus!

Baby girl loved her costume and, after the shyness wore off, even managed to tell a house or two that she was a flower plot. The lady bug rolling bag and the rain boots gave the whole look that extra splash of pizzaz.

Big girl was a big sport about me not being able to make her macaroni and cheese costume. Hubby quietly took the weeks and weeks if saved paper towel and rockier paper rolls to the dumpster. Admittedly she was a little sad that all the compliments went to baby sister and was convinced that on sheer cuteness the flower plot scored more candy. Pretty sure she’s taken care if that in justice since her candy bag has doubled in size and weight.

I am not super-mom. This week I was barely-capable-mom but thanks to the dollar tree and LOTS of hot glue this frazzled-stressed-out mom found a moment to shine-even if was just for one if the girls.

A friend asked if I would remember that big girl had just as much fun in a make-do costume as she would have had in a labor-intensive-hours-of-crafting costume when next year rolls around. We laughed at the same time because, no, I won’t remember. Next year will roll around and I’ll insist on imagination and creativity and we will be right back here in -crazy-crafty-mom world all over again.

It’s okay. The smiles that creative costumes produce, the compliments and the glee on my girls faces when they hear ohhhs and ahhs make it all worthwhile. Hearing ,”total mom SCORE” didn’t hurt either.

Some things are just worth stressing over. My girls and doing things to make them happy are worth it. I don’t do PTO meetings and biscuit sales. I don’t volunteer and the book fair or coach a little league team. I do, however, use glitter and hot glue and take the time to build and create for my girls. It’s my way of loving them out loud. I don’t think they mind.




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