There is busy than there is Uh-Oh busy

  • While playing “piggy tales or bades” Your 3 year old daughter tells you that you have paint on you hair…evidently it is past time for a little color. The gray roots and brown ends led my daughter to believe I had spilled paint on top of my head.
  • You send your 11 year old daughter to school in full costume AND makeup the day BEFORE Halloween. The day BEFORE the costume parade. She was devastated. I was mortified. The principal’s secretary oozed judgement as she TOLD me she would keep my be-dazzled daughter in the office until I could get there with a change of clothes-which I could not do. Luckily her Poppy was willing to dare the travesty that is her room to concoct some sort of non-costume attire.
  • After bed time I remembered the last softball game is the next day immediately after work. With no time to wash i gave the very un-motherly advice, “….slide during warm ups so it looks like your pants are supposed to be dirty.”
  • Same Uniform: socks. You don’t even want to know about the socks! They failed the sniff test from the 2nd story balcony. Yeah, I told her to wear them anyway.

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  • ” alt=”20131104-215501.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />
    • Leggings and footless tights look A LOT alike until you get in the sun. There is a BIG difference in the coverage of tights as compared to leggings. That too is evident once out of the darkness of my closet.
    • My make-up counter is covered in pencils that make their way home tucked behind my ears. I never remember them until trying to go to bed.
    • As we were leaving this morning the 3 1/2 year old put her hands on her hips and demanded to know who was picking her up that afternoon. Since I’ve picked her up for 90% of her daycare career her question was the evidence I needed to deduce that my crazy schedule has been noticed by even the youngest member of our household. I am in deep trouble tonight because I told her I would pick her up BUT that 33 page spreadsheet took a little longer than anticipated. Sure enough…”Hey, you didn’t pick me up yet-ter-day,” she admonished when I walked in the door.
    • I am the one yelling, “honey have you seen my…” And, “I can’t find my….”
    • The wi-fi was down for 48 hours before I even noticed
    • I unloaded the dishwasher this weekend. It had been so long I almost forgot where things go.
    • The condition of my house…well…never mind. It’s never good no matter how much I am/am not working. Can’t blame the hectic schedule for the lack of mopping, dusting and scrubbing that have taken place lately.
    • So begins another week. I vow to not be so busy that my children forget what I look like. This week I will juggle it all much better than I did last week….yeah, right.


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