In the Chaos of late I’ve gotten away from finding my A+ moment in each day. I had one today.

It was cold, it was early and I was struggling out of the haze of a muscle relaxing night thanks to a seriously painful issue between my shoulder blade and my neck. To say it was not a good morning is an understatement. The car radio was lower than normal to accommodate for my fuzzy thinking and my overly active brain. My mind was whrilling with To-Do’s and Must-Do’s and Ask-Abouts. There was so much activity in my head that I almost missed my moment. In a pause between thought I heard it. WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH. It was the tiniest of sounds. I listened for more. “…bus says I wuv you. Daddy’s on the bus says I wuv you.” My shy girl was singing. If she knew I was listening she would stop. I eased the radio down another notch. “…doors open/Close…” I heard as I say movement in the rear view mirror. She was using her sign language to sign door. “….toooowwwwnnnnn.” The song ended in a flourish.

I didn’t want it to end. Oh that swee- sweet voice. That simple happiness was infectious.

Luckily she didn’t realize I was listening so she launched right in to her next little ditty, “One-two-here-we-go. Itsy…..” The spy-dher went up and down the spout. The sun came out and washed away the “WAIN” so the spy-dher went up again. Pure joy.

The concert was not over! Immediately after the spy-dher completed his aerobics it was time to row the boat. “One-two-here-we-go, Whoa, Whao, Whao your boat…”I almost blew my cover when she started with one-two again. Obviously her little music teacher used that to get all the three year olds quiet and started at the same time during sing-a-longs. My girl didn’t realize that and thought the one-two-here-we-go was part of all the songs she knew.

And so I had my A+ moment in the form of a secret serenade this morning. It was adorable, it was sweet and it was a perfect moment. The rest of the day might bring turmoil and chaos but I am ready for it. “One-two-here-we-go….”


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