I had one weekend, one, to make it count.  I needed to get all the Christmas-y stuff DONE and I had 48 hours in which to do it.  Tall order. I started Friday night with a mini-nervous breakdown.   I started day by forgetting that there was NO school.  MOM FAIL.  Believe it or not, […]

Charlie Brown wouldn’t even take this tree!

When I was a little girl we had, as my dad referred to it, a plastic Christmas. He was referring to our artificial Christmas tree. Although I have gained a deep appreciation of the idea of a pop-out-pre-lit-perfectly-shaped-non-shedding tree, I didn’t appreciate it at the time. The compromise was that mom had her perfect tree […]


Implementation.  Conversion.  I never knew those were dirty words, ugly words…until lately.  Anyone who has been through such a thing understands.  Anyone who hasn’t—well, they simply have no idea.  I have never worked so hard, so long and under so much pressure.  Ever.  The weight of 3500 people’s livelihood rides on my shoulders.  It’s a […]