My Soundtrack

Remember mix tapes? The double cassette deck that was perfect for spending New Year’s Eve spent glued to the boom box so you could push stop at the exact moment Casey Casseum started a commercial during the TOP 100 countdown. Somewhere in a box stuck high in the attic eaves there is sure to be a small, clear plastic box with fading blue ink documenting the love songs painstakingly taped to document some teen tragedy.

Today I was asked by a friend about songs I would add to a mix tape….songs that got me through hard times-sings that pumped me up or let me cry.

If I were going to make a mix tape to highlight my life what would be on it?

“Baby be good,” by the Smithereens. First love, a marine and dessert storm.
“We are the champions,” corny and trite but the whole bus launched into an impromptu version as we won STATE in the one-act play competition so it brings back awesome memories.
“First time ever I as your face,” just the perfect love song and it reminds me of the story Phil tells about the first time he saw me, in profile, at a play audition.
Nicklebacks, “FarAway,” was the perfect song at the perfect time in a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tn.
Any of Dan Hill’s cheesy love sings from the 80’s. Hey-I was young. I thought they were poetic!
“Mr. Sandman,” for some reason I could never remember lulla-byes at 3 or 4 am so this is the song that I sang over and over to my babies as we sat alone on the couch in the dark.
Ben-folds-five, “Landed.” It’s Phil’s anthem before he was my Phil.
“On my own,” from Les Mis.
“Brick house.” Come on….if the shoe fits….
“Can’t touch This,” because I own a pair of orange MC Hammer pants.
“Lady down on love,” Alabama. Once you’ve heard that up close and personal from THE RANDY OWEN it becomes an all time favorite.
“Sweet Caroline,” Neil Diamond. It was my first ever concert and that song makes me think of my spunky mom.
“I loved her first,” because one day I’ll have to watch Phil give my girls away and he starts tearing up even thinking about it. Makes me remember standing with my dad as he was going to give me away. Damn I should have listened to him.
Rascal Flatts-“I’m movin’ on”. Enough said.
“Star Spangled Banner,” because a) it’s the perfect song b) makes me think of every sporting event I’ve cheered outloud at for my athletes.
“Swinging,”John Anderson. My most vivid memory of my grandpa.
“When a man loves a woman,”
Any song by Garth Brooks.
The hidden track of the Alaynis Morsetts album.
“Because you loved me,” Celine Dion? I had someone sing it for my parents at my 1st wedding. Wedding was a mistake but the song was perfect.
“Oh Holy Night,” John Berry’s version.
“Please Come to Boston,” Jackopierce. It’s about searching, being somewhere where YOU aren’t but never finding that place or that peace.
“Stacy’s Mom,” come on…what middle aged woman doesn’t want to be Stacy’s mom?
“Beautiful Disaster” by John McLaughlin. Because I know all too well what disasters can come when you try to be someone else’s version of beautiful.
“Heaven or Low Water,” by Phil Pyle, the most perfect, TRUE, love song ever. It’s truly my song.




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