All you are missing

Someday you are going to miss this.

Someday you are going to miss this.

Dear My husbands parents-

You are never going to read this…I know that…but that doesn’t stop me from writing it.  For reasons unbeknownst to me you have chosen not to be part of your granddaughter or your son’s life.   She will be 4 on Friday and has only seen you from a distance once.  Here is what you are missing….

Our girl is so very shy.  In public she clings to our legs and peers nervously up at anyone who speaks to her with her fingers in her mouth.  Every once in a while she musters the courage to speak.  After which she looks at us and say proudly, “I was brave!”  We assure her that she was.  She tries but the shyness is acute and it’s real and it makes us very, very sad to watch her struggle.

She is beautiful.  Her hair curls in ringlets at the bottom.  In 4 years we haven’t cut it because I am terrified that I’ll never see those curls again.  It’s light hombre-brown at the crown and ending in an almost honey blonde at the bottom.  It’s wild hair!  Despite being very girly and loving all things sparkly and shiny she won’t wear hair bows.  I keep trying and she keeps taking them out.  Right now her hair swirls around her hair making her look like a street urchin-even minutes after combing it.  A hair cut is coming.  When she will allow us to do her hair she loves 2 ‘bades’.  Most of the time she won’t let us do her hair.  When I complain she says, “I got it momma” and whips her head back so it whooshes off her face.

She’s stubborn-this one.  A little like her Daddy.  Getting her to say Ma’am and Sir is proven to be quite difficult.  We keep trying.  She keeps ‘forgetting’.  We’ve already squared off more than once.  I stand my ground and she stands hers.  This is not her best trait so I won’t spend any more time here.

Her smile lights up her face and she has a belly laugh that is infectious.  Her teeth are tiny, tiny, tiny—which makes her smile seem a little goofy.  Her cheeks are round and plump and her big latte colored eyes are expressive and large.  She’s already mastered the pouty face, the puppy dog look and the snarl.

In public she doesn’t speak but at home she’s 90 to nothing.  Her favorite expression at the moment is, ”Chwill out. Calm down.  Relax.  Geez.”   Everything is, “Yet-ter-day” She’s quick to repeat words and phrases at the appropriate times and with the appropriate inflection.  This is  not always a good thing.  She calls her Gramsey, Mimi and her Grandpa, Papa; her brother is Bubba or Colton ‘Enry and her sister is Sissy or Kinney Elizabef Helen.  When she really wants her Daddy’s attention she screams, “Phwipp Norris!”  It’s so sad that she doesn’t call you anything.

Every Tuesday she and her Daddy make pizza.  She pulls up the big kitchen chair—which makes Phil roll his eyes.  I remind him that one day he is going to miss this.  He says this right back to me after the pizza is finished and the counter, the floor, the chair and even the dog are covered in flour.  She proudly dips her fat little hand in the flour and prepares the counter—a little liberally—she rolls out the dough with her little pink rolling pin and even tries to flip the dough.  She’s so proud when it’s finished.

My heart breaks that you will never see what a good and engaged Daddy your son is.  He adores this girl and she him.  He tucks her in each night with books and stories.  They sing silly songs and she’s got a quick wit that is forever making him laugh.  Every parent should see their child totally and completely happy and he is when she’s with his girl.   They play whatever ball is in season—basketball, softball, soccer ball or they will color.  He’ll have a tea party with his girl or play stickers with her.  In fact there is nothing that he won’t do for or with his girl.  I am not quite sure how he learned to be such a great dad considering…well…I’ll let that go unsaid. She sneaks into our bed in the wee hours each night and snuggles in until she’s comfortable…usually with her arms splayed wide right across the each of our necks.  The covers bother her so she kicks them off no matter how cold it is but then she’s burrow under your neck whining, “I’m fweezin’ to deaf.”  When she is sleepy she sucks her thumb and when she is good and asleep her hands are pressed together under her chubby little check.  Like me she isn’t morning girl and will tell Phil, “5 more minutes” when he tries to wake her up. When he can finally get her awake and dressed in the morning she’s very opinionated about what she wears.  She adores dresses that twirl.  Pink is her favorite but purple will do too.  It doesn’t have to match—in fact things rarely do.  Boots are her favorite shoe but she isn’t opposed to wearing her gold sequin flats…or trying to…since they are 2 sizes too big.  She’ll wear a tutu meant for a doll over tights with her feet in high-top tennis shoes and a sparkly-sequin top with pride.  In fact last time she wore just such an outfit she proclaimed, “I is boot-if-full.”  We didn’t disagree. Tights make her happy.  Socks do not therefore she has recently won the stinkiest feet award at daycare.

Speaking of feet…hers are slender and pretty with the 4th little toe on one foot is smaller than then other and is tucked behind the one next to it.  If she sees polish she’ll sit down wherever she is, rip off her shoes and socks and stick her foot in the air and begs to have her toe-nails painted.   The sweetest thing ever is watching Phil lean over and paint those teeny-tiny toenails while she pleads to have sparkles added.  “A princess needs sparkles Daddy,” she said.  She got her sparkles.

The I-pad is her favorite toy but she’ll also color and play “kitchen” when we make her unplug.  She sings silly songs and loves to read her books.  We have tiny circles drawn on everything—chairs, cutting boards, shirt sleeves, etc because she it’s her favorite thing to draw so she draws it everywhere. Her P’s are coming along quite nicely as well.  Play-dough is also a favorite and we have every color of the rainbow in our carpet to prove just how much she loves it.  Dolls make the list as well.  Ella Jane is her favorite.  She doesn’t dress them—in fact all her dolls are naked—but she will lay them down and cover them up, uncover them, pick them up, pat them, coo something sweet to the doll and then start the process all over.  It’s not uncommon to have 3 of 4 dolls laying every flat surface—including the middle of the kitchen floor—covered in everything from dish towels to baby blankets.

She gives the very best squishy hugs!!   Her chubby little arms wrap tightly around your neck and she squeezes with all her might.  Before bed she’s throw her arms wide and demands, “hug” from each of us.  Once she has her hugs she toddles off to her big girl bed with her Daddy in tow.  They have a nighttime ritual that includes songs and books and bug lights.  Both of them usually end up asleep by the time it’s all over.

Jeans don’t fit—in fact pants are an issue.  She’s ‘healthy’ our girl and to get them to go around we can’t get the length right.  Good thing she loves dresses.  Like a Pyle she will nibble here and sample there without eating one meal.  Chips are her favorite.  Cereal with milt in it is also a favorite. “No time outs yet-ter-day!” she will announce when you pick her up from school. “WAHOO” hands shoot up in the air in victory, “I dit dum!!”  Her Daddy rewards her with gum-much to my chagrin.  When asked about the rules for gum she solemnly says, “Don’t ‘wallow it.  Throw it away and DON’T tell MAMA,” even if I am in the car. When in the car she’ll demand, “turn it up,” and then add, “pweese” to be sure we do it.

She loves her songs and if she doesn’t know we are listening will sing most every word.  Taylor Swift is her favorite…so much so that “SANTA” gifted her with her own Taylor CD this Christmas.  Our little bird will also repeat anything she hears in the car.  After riding with her Daddy what she repeats is not always appropriate. When we go out she’ll grab a purse and stuff it full of anything and everything she can find.  Play colanders, sun glasses, monies, band-aids and crayons are her favorite.  And left alone, she’ll  sit on the floor of any store and un-pack and re-pack that purse a hundred times.

Admittedly she’s rotten.  If we don’t spoil her then her brother and sister certainly do.  I have to admit that we are as guilty as they are.  She’s funny and lovable and spirited.  She’s stubborn and headstrong and incredibly shy.  She’s the joy in Phil’s life and in mine.  She’s a miracle to us..both that we have her and that she survived her first few weeks unscathed.

Our Sadie Carolina Pyle is special and precious.

Precious Sadie

Precious Sadie


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