We are family!

Family is a big, strong manly man delicately putting a crown on his 4 year old granddaughter after spending some time with his grandsons telling them about the good-ole days. The good ole days when Saturdays were spent spending his .25 cent allowance to spent Saturday afternoons at the movies. Family is a grandpa helping his grandson build a display shelf for his state swim medals. It’s about grandsons laughing when their grandpa told them how he had to pick corn on his way home from school.

Gentle grandpa

Gentle grandpa

Family is a Mimi making funny faces at her granddaughter. It’s about a mom fiercely loving her daughter and doing her best to right a wrong no matter how futile the effort.

Funny Mimi

Funny Mimi

Family is about cousins who are the very best of friends! It’s about giggles and adventures and the sharing of memories.

Sweetest cousins ever

Sweetest cousins ever

. It’s about cousins that even as adults know the sweetest things to say at exactly the right moments. Family is about never being alone, never being unsupported and never being forgotten.

Family is about aunts and uncles coming to every play. It’s always having a cheering section. It’s about having folks who will be honest when you need it and gentle when the rest of the world seems intent on beating you up…or down.

Family means being a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s a responsibility, a blessing and at times a curse. It’s about never forgetting where you came from and never straying from how you were raised. Family is about always having somewhere to belong.

So many things make a family…


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