All that it was


This weekend,,,

This weekend was about sneaking away.

It was about being a part of a picture perfect day made elegant with simplistic, charming touches.

It was about having 2 strangers come up to me to tell how personable and well behaved my oldest children are.

This weekend my baby girl was brave and spent the weekend apart from us.

This weekend I was witness to a beautiful bride walk down an impromptu aisle surrounded by family as Spanish moss blew in the breeze and sunshine dappled thru the canopy of oak branches.

I was there the first time the groom saw his bride looking ravishing and I heard him whisper, “you look stunning.”

This weekend was about dipping my toes in the sand and feeling the worries of the weeks wash out with the tide.

This weekend was about cramming memories into every moment, every second.

This weekend was a sneak away. Yes, I’ve already said it but it bears repeating.

This weekend was full if simple pleasures-riding bikes, snuggling and singing tunes loudly as we raced down the highway.

This weekend was about delicacies like candied bacon and old favorites like tomato sandwiches.

This weekend was about meeting new people I will call family. It was about proudly watching my husband capture beautiful moment after beautiful moment.

This weekend was about my 14 year old son looking dashing in his baby blue pants-dancing happily amongst the beautiful people-it was seeing his smile, his joy and taking great delight at his happiness.

This weekend was about my big girl asking to wear lipstick, mascara and then tearing up when she wasn’t looking because she looked so pretty.

This weekend was about missing my Uncle Gene who would have been awestruck my the beauty of his granddaughter.

This weekend was about 2 people starting their lives and being honored to be part of it.

This weekend was about the sun kissing my shoulders and sweet cool breeze tickling my cheek.

This weekend was perfect-without a hint of all the hard work that went in to making it so.

This weekend was about having just enough sun to feel pretty and just enough compliments to believe it.

This weekend was about tearing up at the daddy-daughter dance and feeling my heart hurt for the mom who had to watch that first dance. One moment was as sweet as the next was sad in a way that only the mom of a beautiful daughter will ever understand.

This weekend I visited the very spot where I made one of the hardest yet best decisions of my life…re-inventing my life into something better and healthier for me and my babies. There will be more on that but not today.

This weekend my son was funny and charming and made his poppy laugh until tears rolled down his face. Laughing aloud is good for the soul.

This weekend was about saying YES to that scoop of homemade ice cream sandwiched between 2 gigantic homemade cookies. It was about laughing when it dripped down her chin and on to her shirt.

This weekend was about climbing a tree for that “perfect shot” without worrying about ‘can I’ or ‘how will I get down’.

This weekend wasn’t about dieting-it was about savoring every moment, every bite and knowing that tomorrow would be soon enough to worry about points.

This weekend was joining the little ones as they held their breath over impossibly long bridges.

This weekend was about clapping excitedly the second the ocean was spotted.

This weekend was about deep breaths, happy memories, family and love.

This weekend was a funny sign that caused spontaneous laughter more than once.

This weekend rocked!


2 thoughts on “All that it was

  1. I have watched you grow from that little girl who thought she was the ugly duckling but in fact was beautiful inside an out! Watched you proudly in high school plays, go off to college to fulfill your dreams, saw a beautiful bride walking down the isle with her proud father, I have watched this beautiful young girl become a wonderful young lady, to an amazing woman, and a fantastic mother!!! This special weekend get away’s memories would not have been captured without you and your family!!! You will never know how much I appreciate you guys doing this for my Sammy!!! Missing my daddy something terrible that day! I know he was there smiling at what was one beautiful day for my sweet girl!!! And all those special moments were captured by two special people that I so proudly call my family!!!! Watching Colton was such a joy! Knowing how he felt about Samantha since he was just a little thing and watching his eyes light up when she would glance at him was priceless!!! Seeing Kinsley beam with pride at her choice of jewelry for me was something I will never forget!!! Watching Phil work was amazing to see he loves what he does and it shows in the pride he takes in the shot he is taking at the moment and the end result is beautiful! The look of pride in your eyes while watching him doing what he does best shows the love you have for him!!! That glow all over your face as you watch your children dance shows the love you have for them and the comments of how great they are shows the kind of mother you are “GREAT”!!!! Thank you for everything this weekend but I thank you for this blog!!! Through the tears came the smiles of remembering the day all over again!!!

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