One Call

There is a song lyric, “…got the call today I didn’t want to hear…guess we are all one phone call from our knees.” It’s one of those things you don’t pay much attention to as you sing along. The tune is catchy, the words rhyme-it’s all good. Then one day you HEAR the words. The image if someone holding the phone to their ear, listening, and then dropping it as they fall to their knees with the weight of the words. It’s a frightening image for a moment but you shake it off and go back to humming along.

Until you get your call. The call that takes you to your knees.

I have been in situations where the call could have come but it didn’t. “It’s NOT cancer,” said the surgeon after the cyst on my daughters tongue was biopsied. He had prepared me that we would probably be making a trip to Children’s Healthcare. He expected to give me news that brought me to my knees. I thank God regularly that he didn’t have to.

Years later I WAS at Children’s. This time with a newborn in NICU. Every nurse that entered could have given me the news to bring me to my knees, but they didn’t.

I got a call late one night late that sent me racing down the road praying that all would be well. With a few simple words my world would have changed but I didn’t get the words that day-my dad was okay.

The same was true after a follow up mammogram for my mom. The phone call didn’t come that day either.

Just this week I got a “it was benign.” One word away.

Pretty soon so many of the calls become okay that you forget. You don’t even think about the potential that of THAT call.

For some it’s a diagnosis, for others it’s news of a death. Others get the call,”..,your job has been eliminated.”

One call. A few words and the earth tilts and up is down and down is up. One call and (to quote my wise friend HTCFS) you find yourself sitting on the edge if the bed thinking, “how did I get here?”

So many calls are not that call that you quit worrying. You stop fretting. Because you’ve quit expecting it, when the call does come it takes your breath, causes the earth to ripple and your heart to literally stop.

….’guess we are all one phone call away from our knees….


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