The hardest question in the English language; why?

My 3 year old has ask me that question a 10 times a day. I can usually answer her. Why are we going home? Because we live there. Why you go dat way? Because your school is that way. Why I have to wear shoes? So your feet don’t get cold silly goose. Why I haff to haff a ja-tit? (Have to have a jacket for anyone that doesn’t speak 4 year old dialect). Because it’s cold! Brrrrr. Easy questions. Easy answers. Why you cry mommy? That one-not so easy to answer. Why you sad? No answer for that one either. At least not now she would understand.

My 11 year old asked the question today. I couldn’t answer her question either. I wish I could. Such a simple question to ask, such a hard question to answer. She asked with tears streaking down her face. One word punctuating such confusion and pain. One word. Without an answer I worry what her incredible little mind will concoct to fill in the blanks. She is not the type to let questions go unanswered but some questions don’t have answers.

Why? Easy to ask; sometimes impossible to answer. Why? Why? Why? I want to know why…I want to be able to explain to my baby girl why. I want to dry my big girls tears and give her an answer to ease her hurt but I can’t. I can’t tell her why.

My son doesn’t ask why. He wants to-I can tell, but he-my protector-sees the hurt the question brings when asked my his sister so he refrains.

Why? I want to ask but who do I ask? I know there isn’t really an answer to my question and that there won’t ever be an answer to my question.

Why? Such emotion packed into one little word. Why me? Why us? Why did you? Why would you? Why-why-why…


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