A letter

Hi babies- I know. I know. I can’t call you that anymore. You aren’t babies but you are MY BABIES. You’ll always be my babies even as you head of to middle school and high school. This isn’t the life I wanted for you. I wanted you to have more, to worry less about things […]

The first

There is going to be a first for every part of my new life. Today I have 2. First “family type event” with a literal empty seat beside me. The universe does indeed have a sense of humor. Luckily my mom came and was in front of me so I want ALONE but that empty […]


Guess it’s sort if fitting that everything becomes half when you stop being whole. “Half this is yours, half this is mine,” easy enough to do in 3rd grade when you were dividing marbles or m&m’s. It’s a little harder trying to divide a life. “You get this weekend, I get the next,” like our […]