A letter

Hi babies-
I know. I know. I can’t call you that anymore. You aren’t babies but you are MY BABIES. You’ll always be my babies even as you head of to middle school and high school.

This isn’t the life I wanted for you. I wanted you to have more, to worry less about things you shouldn’t have to worry about and to give you carefree days. I let you down. I made decisions my heart felt were right for us. I am so sorry that some if those decisions hurt you.

I am proud of both if you for lots if reasons but this year I saw something I am especially proud of: your resilience. You took some hard hits this year but you bounced back with a pep in your step and most of the time a smile on your face. You were both strong when you needed to be and gentle when the moment needed a kinder, softer touch. I appreciate you and the way you looked at challenges-squared your shoulders and seemed to say LETS DO THIS TOGETHER.

Kinsley I saw a sweetness in you that was new. You learned to rein yourself in a bit. Your spunk and spirit served you well but so did your big heart. You are an incredible big sister, a good friend and a creative soul. You are now a young lady, too. 🙂 There is an independence and strength in you that I hope you never lose. It’s hard to parent at times but it’s always the traits that help make you-YOU and I think you are amazing.

Colton this had to be the hardest year on record for you. The year sucked out a bit of your confidence and spirit. Not all if it but enough that it made me sad to watch. You bowed under the burden of some things but you rose the the occasion of some others. I continue to be proud of you. You are sweet and funny and when you “work” a room it’s fun to watch. You are a wonderful son and I love you fiercely. Please don’t grow up too soon. You don’t have to protect me-it’s still my job to protect you. Be a young man and leave the grown man stuff for years down the road. Find your confidence. Find your YOU and enjoy yourself.

I still have some work to do-I am not finished with you yet. We are going to learn to clean up after ourselves. We are going to embrace our new lives with gusto. We are going to keep learning how to be good friends. We need to all be a bit more patient of one another and a bit more tolerant. You both are incredibly smart but I don’t think I’ve instilled a love for learning and learning for learnings sake. I don’t want you to learn for a grade-I want you to learn to know. We are going to get back to basics a bit. And that’s okay. Sometimes getting back to fundamentals is necessary in order to up your game.

I don’t know what the next year holds for us but I am confident that together we will get thru it all. It’s us against the worlds babies-and the world better watch out!

Busting full of love-



2 thoughts on “A letter

  1. Love the strength in you voice in this post. Remember you raised these kids and modeled these values. Then you will see how very special you are.

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