Change of focus

Tonight-another first-first swim meet of the season. I about gave myself whiplash by looking for someone who wasn’t coming only to realize what I was doing-turning back to the pool only to forget a few minutes later and do it again. Anyone watching probably thought I thought I was at a tennis match the way my head was turning back and forth. I sent out an SOS to my girls before I made a fool of myself and sobbed. The answer was swift think about what you DON’T have from a different perspective and make a list if things you are grateful for rather then harboring on what you are sad about.

So I did:

1. I am grateful to have friends who tell me in very polite terms-SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP.

2. I am grateful that my son was back in his element and was happy-go-lucky and lighthearted for the first time since OPERATION CLARITY began. Tonight he only has to worry about his races-not about his mom or his sisters. He got to be a young man tonight without having to worry about being the MAN of the house. Oh and the ladies-he had to worry about being literally surrounded by giggling teens in racing suits with swimmers bodies…well…I had to worry about that. He just got to enjoy

3. I am grateful that I was in shorts that were pretty close to my ‘fightin’ weight’ and were 2 sizes smaller than the shorts I wore last year.

4. I am grateful for a PR for my boy. (Personal record for you non-swim moms.)

5. I am doubly grateful that after the PR I congratulated my fella and hugged him right there on front of his friends. My gratitude comes from the fact that at 14 he hugged me right back without a seconds hesitation.

6. I am grateful that my babies are healthy, safe and capable.

7. I am thankful that it’s summer.

8. I am thankful to my girls that they helped give me a space that was clean and presentable enough that my son was proud to bring a friend home to his “pad” tonight. I am also appreciative that and the friend complimented our home. How many 14 year old boys would look around and say, “I really like this place! It’s cozy!”

9. I am thankful for parents who just ask,”how can we help?” And mean it.

10. I am thankful to have seen so much kindness from so many different and unexpected places and people.

11. As a bonus I am VERY glad that when I yelled, “Colton. Put that girls pants down!” across the pool tonight that it didn’t seem as it sounded.

12. I am thankful that I didn’t melt tonight. For a few minutes right at 6p sitting dead center of a concrete heating pad with the sun hitting me from above and below as it was reflecting off the water I wasn’t so sure I was going to be able to say that.

13. Shhhhh…I am thankful that my precious son is sitting right next to me in my cozy den with his friend and neither if them seem in a hurry to get upstairs to the gaming system.

14. I am thankful that I have a gear that let’s me pull myself up by my bootstraps and rebuild my life after it shatters into a zillion pieces.

15. I am thankful for the basics-that I had a place to go and call me own. That I have resilient kids. I am thankful that they seem to have that same “gear.”

16. Never thought I would say this but I am thankful that it looks promising that we will be heading to Tifton the 3rd weekend in July. That same entry is on my list of things that suck-I mean have you ever been to Tifton the 3rd week in July?!?

17. I am thankful that my active and successful children will keep us busy and on the of this summer. Busy is good.

18. I am grateful that this morning my chunky monkey looked at me thru 1/2 closed eyes, patted the bed and said in that sleepy baby voice, “cuddle wiff me mama. 5 more minutes.” And I am grateful that I did.

19. I am thankful that I HAVE AIR CONDITIONING in my house !!!

20. I am thankful that at 14 my son loved me wearing my 2012 PROUD SWIM MOM shirt. He could have (and probably should have been mortified)

21. And I am thankful to be done with another “first”.

22. I am thankful that I got to talk to my big girl for 5 minutes today.

23. I am happy that my friends were so quick to jump in and remind me that I had too much to be happy about to waste time thinking about what I was unhappy about.

24. I will not be thankful for that crazy bread and pizza I just warmed up tomorrow when I jump on the scale but tonight I am lovingit!!!

25. Never mind. I am thankful that 2 growing boys who had a successful swim meet tonight were obviously famished because that pizza and crazy bread I just warmed up and was salivating over….it’s gone.



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