I am not a tattoo kind of girl. I am not making any statement what-so-ever regarding tattoo’s, I am just saying that I personally have never felt the urge to get one. If I were going to get one it would be one of these 3 phrases:

It Is What It Is

​Used to feel as if this phrase were a cop out-a way of avoiding something you didn’t like. It felt like this was a ‘lay-down-and-accept-what-you-get’ kind of mentality. Once upon a time I would have thought this phrase as a catch phrase for someone weak, someone without fight and someone who has given up. Now that my ‘once upon a time’ mentality has changed I’ve realized something. It takes more strength to let things be what they are going to be. Acceptance is not a bad thing. Not fighting a fight that you can’t win is not a bad thing. Fighting against things you cannot change isn’t productive. You are better off accepting things for what they are rather then flailing away against things because they are not as you think they should be. The Serenity Prayer springs to mind.


​The phrase belongs on my left side, on my rib cage in delicate script. Why? Because the world doesn’t need to know that I live by the phrase, em>it is what it is. That’s for me to know. The world needs to believe I will fight for what is right-fight for myself and fight for those I love. This phrase should help me decide what is worth fighting for. No one will see it there. No one but me.

Keep Moving Forward

This is not my phrase. Jeff Dahler from The Bert Show coined this phrase but it applies. If I were to get a tattoo this would be one of the options I would choose from. Why? Because I need constant reminding that what lies ahead requires me to move ahead, forward because what’s done is done and can’t be undone. My energy is much better spent looking ahead, moving forward then it is in trying to figure out the why’s and coulda/shoulda’s from the past. Life happens in front of us. What happened is behind us. Grab the lesson out of all that happens and forge ahead, forward. The phrase is simple enough that it can apply for every decision, every action. It’s complex enough to have meaning. A different meaning for every person—and that is okay. Everyone’s path forward is different. Just because the road ahead looks different then the road behind you it doesn’t mean that you are not going the right way. Sometimes in life you have to re-route. I don’t believe in back-tracking…in fact it’s a huge pet peeve of mine. If I don’t wander in circles to get to where I am going when I travel why should I wander around life trying to get to where I think I want to go? Forward. The answers are all ahead.

I would tattoo this on my ankle. Keep moving forward for those times when my head hangs low and I just can’t get myself moving. It’s okay that others would see this. Maybe the reminder of keep moving forward will help someone else. I don’t have to hide this away. This type of message needs to be shared.


Do the Next Right Thing

Baddest Mother Ever talks of this often. It’s become a mantra of late for me. I would tattoo this somewhere prominent and visual to remind me that I don’t have to do all that needs doing at once. I simply have to do the next thing. The next right thing-that’s all. The hard part isn’t in taking action. The hard part is in taking the right action. The challenge is doing one right thing at a time and not getting ahead of yourself. I tend to panic, over analyze, fret, ponder, worry and exaggerate both my problems and what I see as solutions for those issues. I’ve been known to skip right to the end in my haste to ‘fix’ it or to get over it, around it or through it. In jumping right to the end sometimes I think I miss the lessons in what happened and what needs to happen. By not doing one right thing, followed by another right thing and then another right thing I am losing all that happens in-between the issue and the solution. Sometimes the in-between is what helps you to understand or gives you the most satisfaction. The doing is often more important than the DONE. Just think about the next thing. The next right thing and do that. You can muster enough courage, energy or faith to do one thing. So start there; at the beginning, at the smallest possible right thing and work from there. It’s also vital to remember that not every action needs to be taken. Only the right action. Slowing down and taking it one step at a time allows you to make sure that each step you take is the right step.

This would be tattooed on the inside of my wrist. I spend a lot of time with my forehead buried in the palms of my hands, my eyes downcast and my shoulders slumped. How nice would it be to see a reminder that I only have to worry about the next right thing? What motivation for picking my head up and getting back to the task at hand-the single task. Simply doing the next right thing


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