Oh So Shiny

Last night I was teary thinking of my swimmers. Today-I am down right weepy. To follow up in yesterday’s blog I’ve seen a glimmer of who my children are and will be and I am pleased. It’s not the 6th place or the 3 silver medals or even the gold one. It’s seeing my little fella look to the guy next to him-his rival-and offer a sportsman handshake just before the race began.

It’s not the win that matters most but rather it was hearing him tell his tale of seeing the splash to the left and knowing his rival was neck-n-neck with him. It was hearing him laughingly relay how he told himself, “that ain’t happening” and pushing himself just a bit harder. He got out of the pool from that win and went right back to the bull pen where he managed to swim another race with just as much spunk. His fortitude just solidified what I’ve always known-my fellas has some fight in him.

I saw my daughter, my 11 year old, fight her nerves about swimming the breast stroke with 13-14 year old super swimmers in the 200 medley relay. I watched her stay in the pool long after everyone else to work on her turns. I lost count if how many times she hit that wall. She worked and worked. She did a turn, went right back to her coaches and asked for feedback. To their credit they coached as hard as she practices. She was competing in one lap of a four lap race. That was her entire task. 50 yards at prelims and 50 yards to medal. She practices at least 25 turns that night alone just to try and nail it. Her coaches, both of them, coaches her just as hard as they coaches the 4-event contenders.

When it was her turn to race she stepped up and did her thing. I couldn’t be prouder. I am as proud of her for the extra work the night before the race as I am of her shiny medal. Actually I am but more impressed by her being the last one out of the pool. I am proud of the intensity that she attacked that single lap with. I am proud of HER.

Tonight as they announced Colton’s name and he took the podium at the top he was wearing the shirt I made him. Yay! The shirt proclaiming his county record. That was awesome enough but than the lady next to me said,”is that your son?” I refrained from asking,’What gave it away-the ear piercing scream when they announced his name or my almost falling of the top tier of the bleachers as I jumped up and down when they said his name?’ I simply smile so big my checks hurt abs said,”Yes, yes it is.” To which she said, “He is precious! He had us cracking up-me and the other coach-he is just adorable. What a cutie!” There are hundreds of kids here. To have someone remember my son and take the time to tell me she remembered my son…well…it’s a good thing I had already cried off my mascara.

It wasn’t the winning of the 100 IM that tickled my heart. It was hearing my dad say,”That’s my boy!” To the people behind him. Hearing his pride made me prouder then I thought I could be.

It was a good day. It was a great day to be the mom of Colton Henry and Kinsley Elizabeth. Every day is a good day to be their mom but today had a sprinkle of extraordinary. It’s not the medals that are shining bright tonight. It’s the precious kiddos holding them. Keep shining babies, keep shining.


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