This is what $100 looks like

Boys stack

10:34 here we go. We’ve got a map and a plan.

11:02 trying on at guess. It’s funny to watch her work out what she has that will work with what she’s already got. She loved a $20 shirt but found one close to it for $9. Proud momma moment-she debated but went for the bargain. Total: $10.70. She made a note on her phone about the skinny jeans

11:25 tee-hee says my son, “man, everything is so expensive!” As he exits the Nike store empty handed.

11:32 Score! $5.00 clearance tee that she can “make work” with the jeans she has at home. She also decided that though she liked the patterned shoes the plain black ones could be worn with more. $17.92 for 2 shirts and a pair of shoes. Boy is sulking in the corner.

12:09 Nike store. Again. Painful reality check. In the end the pull of the swoosh won. New high school colors-red and gold. They make red Nikes. ‘Nuff said. Small victory-Nike elite socks have lost their appeal when he has to pay for them himself. He’s appalled that I took photographic evidence of his purchase. The cashier is equally appalled. She said,”good luck with your mother” as we exited to store.

12:28 backpack. Lifetime warranty. Paid for it and then realized how little he has left. Ouch. He’s already rethinking his purchases.

1:12 almost had Colton convinced to try converse at 1/2 the price of Nikes but at the last minute he balked. He’s a high school freshman and is not quite ready to make a statement. Even if it would save money.

1:46 finally a bargain for the boy. V-neck shirts for $5. A white one and red one so they can be worn with cargo shorts, jeans or athletic shorts. He’s still super stressed about his lack of money and his need for cargo shorts.

Pause here: I have a hoochy for a daughter.

2:00 $8 skirt that she can wear with the tennis shoes she just bought. She’s really working this out. I gotta say I am impressed.

2:20 lunch (which they begged not to have to buy). I caved and bought it for them.

2:48 we are back on the hunt for skinny jeans and cargo shorts. Affordable jeans and cargo shorts.I am resisting the urge to fork over a bit more money just to be DONE.

3:07 The fun is just about over. Boy is O.V.E.R. The whole looking for bargains deal. My feet hurt and so does my head but the girl still has $ so we push on.

4:10 $31.01. We scored $12 skinny jeans, $3.99 t -shirt, $6.00 perfume and a sweatshirt. She’s happy!!
Boy found a buy one get 2 free cargo shorts. He’s happy because a) he gets his shorts and b) he is now OUT of $. He thinks being out if money means we are outta here. Oh if only. Miss frugal fashionista isn’t done.

4:28 We are now backtracking because she remembered something she saw back at the first section of stores. This girl is intent on squeezing every last penny out of her $100. Which is good and exactly what I wanted but whew it makes for a loooonnnggg day.

4:48 we stumbled onto a Justice clearance sale. Send help. I haven’t seen this much faux lace and sequins since my 80’s Prom. EGAD

5:15 accessories! She has enough left for accessories.

Mission accomplished. They learned the value of a dollar. They made their own choices, I stayed in budget and most importantly…they are happy. Having them happy makes me happy. But not as happy as I was when they both very graciously thanked me for the money and the lesson :). Mom score!!!!!




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