43 things to do at 43-how did I do?

Now that I am almost 44 I decided to revise my list: 43 things to do at 43 to see how I did.

1. Get back into my sassy orange pants. WAHOO-Thanks to Weight Watchers I can already say I am on my way to this goal.
CHECK-I get an A+ on this one. My orange pants are a little baggy…so I actually exceeded this particular goal. I’ve also fit back into my sexy dress and my plaid pants. cha-Ching

2. Have an adventure.
Maybe I should have specified a FUN adventure. Next year I need to be much more specific.

3. Take a road trip involving at least 3 states.
FAIL…I got to 3 states in a year but not on a single road trip. This one goes back on the 44 things to do at 44 list.

4. Write more in my gratitude journal.
FAIL-got derailed a bit on this one. I’ve got to shut down the pity party and get back to the business of celebrating all I DO have.

5. Do one non-Libby thing.
FAIL-I’ve been very Libby-like all year. Sadly.

6. Re-create a room in my house.
Does completely moving count? Didn’t see that one coming when I planned my 43 things to do at 43 list.

7. Paint something. (watch out opps shelf-here I come)
Check-see above.

8. Take a course/seminar or attend a conference.

9. Teach my 10 year old something new. (this could be very bad or very cool)
I am going to go ahead and count his as a check. I taught her to change a tire, to be strong and to find some positive aspect of any bad situation.

10. Teach my 3 year old something new
I didn’t know teaching her to be brave would be the lesson I taught her but that’s exactly what I did.

11. Teach my 13 year old something
Ouch…his lessons were life lessons that I wish he didn’t learn at the tender age of 14.

12. Wear a bathing suit without shorts over it. C’mon points…don’t fail me now.
Check. I am not quite parading around in pride but I am also not covering every inch of my body in a beach towel. I’ll count that as a success.

13. Eat on a terrace or veranda in beautiful weather somewhere with an inspiring view.
I really gotta learn to aim higher. Didn’t expect my inspiring view to be the deck of my townhouse but there it is.

14. Do something just for me.
Uh, yeah, NO.

15. Do something just for someone else.
Do softball bows count?

16. Preform random acts of kindness more.
Of all the ones to fail on I really wish it wasn’t THIS ONE.

17. Try a new food.
I ate Indian food for the first time. Count? I didn’t get very daring with my menu choices but it was still an ethnicity I had never sampled. Yep…counting that as a win.

18. Do one thing outside of my comfort zone.
I was comfortable in my old life. Now I have a new life. I had to bust all outta my comfort zone to make that happen. I know the intention behind this was different but I am going to give myself points for this…

19. Make at least 2 personal and well thought out Christmas gifts.
I am going to have to leave this one be…I just can’t think about Christmas…or the nearly perfect Christmas I thought I was having.

20. Write more “A letter to my Son” type blogs.
Very proud to think I may have accomplished this.

20. Meet someone new–someone I introduce myself to (ACK).
FAIL—maybe this was asking too much of my 43 year old self.

21. Play hookey one day and do something spontaneous and fun with my babies.
Sorta…I took Friday’s off this summer. We didn’t do anything special but there was something special in doing library visits and impromptu lunches.

23. Let my 10 year old teach me something new.
She taught me a lot and some of it didn’t involve me saying 4 letter words. She taught me to be sassy and brave. She is resilient and spunky and I hope she knows thar although it frustrates me at time I also love it and learn from the way she attacks life.

24. Let my 13 year old teach me something new.
OMG-had I known he was going to teach me about how much 14 year olds know about LIFE I might have reconsidered adding this to my list.

25. Hike. Somewhere. Willingly.
Yeah-didn’t happen and don’t feel too bad about failing this one.

26. Cook more meals using fresh ingredients…yes, this includes vegetables.
Tomato pie just last night. Check.

27. Buy more fresh flowers for the house just because I like them.
That happened twice but hey-it happened twice.

28. Fix something at home that has always bothered me.
Didn’t know I wouldn’t have to worry about this little entry.

29. Walk at least a mile in some place or some route I’ve never taken before.
I was picturing somewhere adventurous but didn’t make it.

30. Continue to write on my blog and maybe take one-single-baby-step to make it grow.
Massive fail.

31. I will create or make something.
1/2 credit on this one.

32. Check into Lasix.
Since I didn’t win the lottery this seemed pointless.

33. Tell someone Thank You or how much they mean to me when they aren’t expecting it.
Did I do this? I hope I did.

34. Try to be a bit kinder to myself.
Turns out I didn’t deserve much kindness this year.

35. Continue in my quest to find the <a title="Little Moments in Big Days"
I am trying. I swear.

36. Track my progress on this, my 43 year bucket list. Hey…it works!

37. Totally embrace a new challenge and think, “I CAN” rather than “I CAN’T”.
Turns out I do this everyday now.

38. Continue to nurture friendships that have become so very important to me.
❤ me some CK's!!

39. Print out pictures that I take.
Sorta…thanks to Shutterfly's 100 for free promotion.

40. Play in the rain.

41. Laugh a bit more.
Definitely not and how sad is that!

42. Read a bit more.
Insomnia is good for something. I didn't manage to get some reading done at the ripe old age of 43.

43. Live. Really live.
Better leave this one alone.

All-in-all I guess I did okay as a 43 year old. Time to start thinking of how I am going to attack 44. I am not the same Libby I was at 43-guess it's up to me to decide if I am going to make that a good thing or a bad thing.

What's something in your bucket list for your next year?




2 thoughts on “43 things to do at 43-how did I do?

  1. Number 40 is extremely important. Take Sadie out and teach her to jump in puddles during a summer rain. You will feel wonderful after and the neighbors will have something new to talk about. Ask me how I know;

    • I couldn’t agree more! I used to know how to play on the rain. I gotta find that girl again. And I have no doubt that know exactly how fun and liberating it can be my carefree, free spirited friend!!

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