44-here I come

1. Be kinder to myself
2. Take compliments with more grace
3. Be bold, be daring, be less apologetic for being ME
4. Chase happiness…don’t want for it to find me
5. Re-gain some lost control so that I feel more secure
6. Walk confidently into a crowd and believe that I belong there.
7. Ask for help when it’s needed and accept it when it’s offered
8. Try and believe that what happened TO ME wasn’t about me though it did EFFECT me
9. Continue to let CK’s know just how vital they are in my life
10. Do something very non-Libby like
11. Travel somewhere-anywhere
12. Learn something new or expand on something I already know
13. Take a class
14. Learn to embrace the time when my babies aren’t with me and do something productive or meaningful instead of simply counting the hours until they are home again
15. Laugh
16. Pay back some of the kindness and generosity that have been shown to me
17. Blink. Breathe. Repeat
18. Ask for things I’ve earned
19. Ask for power to match the responsibility I’ve been given
20. Find a way to sleep
21. Let “it is what it is”, “keep moving forward” and “do the next right thing” really be my mottos
22. Do something to remind myself that I can start all over at 44
23. Do something brave and daring
24. Write more. Put myself out there more. Fight to make this dream of mine a little less of a ‘what if’ and more of a ‘when’
25. Let go of paranoia, self-doubt and feelings of never being enough…or try too.
26. Make stuff. Make stuff because I want to. Make stuff for other people. Create without worrying about it being perfect or if people will like it. Creating makes me happy. I should do more of what makes me happy.
27. Re-introduce myself to Libby Hayes.
28. Make it to a beach for more than a few hours
29. Keeping finding A+ moments in every day
30. Quit chasing who I want to be and make the most of who I am
31. Quit presenting myself as a shy, insecure little girl. I am not a little girl I am a gown ass woman and, at 44, it’s time to act like one.
32. Paint my kitchen.
33. Plan and cook better meals.
34. Stop being lonely.
35. Perform random acts of kindness.
36. Exercise.
37. Find an adventure.
38. Repair the damage of the past year.
39. Stop hosting quite as many pity parties.
40. Make arrangements or at least make a plan to save enough to attend a blogging conference.
41. Try and write the full story that everyone keeps asking about.
42. Give my son a bit more freedom as he will deserve as a high schooler.
42. Hug more. Worry less.
43. I will tell myself I am enough more and do my best to believe it.
44. Start over.


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