Insult to Injury

Thank you baddest mother ever for providing a title.

In case you’ve missed it my life has been a mite stressful as of late. This is not a pity party. In fact I am sort of finding it amusing in a sick and twisted way.

Because court, a massive project running behind, 3 kids starting 3 schools, a huge decision looming and a family that solely relies on my decisions isn’t enough. My baby girl away from me isn’t enough. Nah-let’s so ahead and add some REAL discomfort.

All week I’ve had this “pain” over my eyebrow. Just one spot. It hurts like the dickens but there is nothing there. Then a shooting pain in my ear. Now a rash on my scalp. Good times. By the time I got home tonight there wasn’t any part of me that didn’t itch. My burning/itchiness has now spread to below my eye. But still-nothing is visible. I am about to renew my crazy card because I am a card-carrying-lifetime-member after all this.

I seriously thought I was losing my mind! How could something hurt so bad without there being anything to show for it? Ridiculous-right?

Then it got worse. Now that entire side of my face hurts and burns. I’ve never has acid thrown in my face but I have to imagine it would feel something like this. I’ve never been stabbed on the war before either but I am pretty confident that this is exactly what it would feel like.

WebMD is not my friend. It’s either shingles or cancer-I am not trying to be flip here. Everything has a second disclaimer to it. ‘May be a stubbed toe. Or-it could be cancer.” And since I have a medical degree from The University of Believing Everything you Read on the internet I am going to go ahead and diagnose myself with non-typical SHINGLES. And I just thought I was having fun before.

I has to laugh-Shingles-really! On my face?!!

Why does this stuff always happen as night? I’ve got 10 hours until the clinic opens. 10. My Benadryl might as well been pink candy for all the good it’s doing. It’s going to be a loooonnngg night.

My nurse friend just warned that if it is shingles I’ve just entered the 9th realm of hell. She’s not kidding.

I know you never get more than you can handle-someone is giving me way too much credit.

Gotta itch for awhile.

Got shingles advice? I sure could use it!


4 thoughts on “Insult to Injury

  1. Sweetie,
    I’ve had shingles 3 times! Pay attention to exactly what the doctor says and follow it to the letter. Shingles on the face is nothing to treat lightly. You will get through this though….you are tough! BTW! My ex left when my baby girl was 9 months old and the oldest wasn’t quite three. We had blizzards that year and I had to get the babies into a car with no heat while the rest of the community stayed inside. Oh, and on New Year’s Day I woke up with horrible pink eye and all three of us had lice (thanks to preschoolers sharing hats!). It really is true….what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

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