I Loved being loved today!

I didn’t have high hopes for this birthday. Heck-I didn’t have hope for this day. Let’s face it the last 4 months have S.U.C.K.E.D. If one of my children had said that word to describe anything I would have scolded them and told them to ‘use their words.’ But in this case that was the best and most fitting word I could come up with.

I didn’t think today would amount for much but I was determined that I wouldn’t be hosting a pity-party today either. It would just be a day. It wouldn’t be special and I was okay with that. At this point a calm, boring and normal day would have been awesome. I didn’t need a lot of birthday in this day. I just needed a day where nothing exploded or broke or erupted. I needed to stop itching. I needed to hurt less. Besides those things I didn’t need a whole lot this year.

I drove to work in a car that started. Wahoo! The day was already looking up.

My boss had flowers waiting on me. She put up a zebra and hot pink banner. It doesn’t get much better than hot pink and zebra. She’s even ruined a super large Starbucks coffee for me. That’s love.

Speaking of love-another friend had given me a kid-friendly casserole and some frozen meals for those busy sports-filled weekday nights. She knew that just flat out can’t cook so she did it for me. Sweet hallelujah. And she delivered.

All day there were messages of cheer from old and new friends. It was like getting 46 birthday cards. And I can’t lie-I loved it! There would be some drama in my project or some zinger of pain down my face when DING-another happy day message. I forgot to hurt or to be frustrated when reading all the sweet well wishes.

Equally as thoughtful was a surprise visit from my fellow Leo. Her gifts were extravagant. And, had she not given me THE EYE and said ,”look what I did of my own free will,” I never would have accepted. But thank goodness she have me permission to just be appreciative because I LOVE it!!!

My parents came and “honey-doed” around my house. Precious curtains, a deck gate, colorful pillows, lightbulbs-(let there be light) and a party! My house was clean and smelled delicious. I had flowers and chevron plates. My sweet daddy even made a toilet paper run. They even painted my door. They got more done in a few hours than I get done in a year! I fell on love with my little bungalow all over again. It was so nice to come home to my little home filled with my favorite people.

It was already a perfect day when my son let the cat out of the bag about the “party”. My mom found a few of the CK’s on Facebook and invited them for a surprise dinner. We laughed and sipped beverages on my cozy little deck. We ate lasagna and cake with ice cream. My parents got to meet my friends and they got to meet my parents. And it was heavenly.

My friends that couldn’t be with us sent sweet cards. I got homemade fresh tomatoes and basil because the farmer of the group knows I like basil and tomatoes. She-the most Un-ribbon-ly person I know but yet my sweet homegrown gift was complete with a jaunty little now.

I forget how bad my face hurt. I forgot to itch and to feel icky. I forgot how bad my heart hurt. I never even thought about the way the 43rd year ended. All I could think if was how great my 44th year has started.

Today I was loved out loud all day. Watch out 44 here I come.



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