New Day


New day-New Attitude

I gave into the pity party mentality on Monday but I refuse to give in today. It’s all good. It’s going to be okay. Life goes on. It is what it is. Door closes-window opens. I am feeling them all today.

Most is the time I really do try and see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you are reading these blogs you are probably disagreeing right now, and I totally get that. Understand that the bad days tend to stir up more emotions and the only way to get rid of the emotions is to write about them. Good days I tend to truck right along without feeling the burning desire to write about it. Lord love ya if you are reading along as this story unfolds. Lifetime movies got nothin’ on me.

So I am going to hike up my big girl panties, slap on some lipstick and attack this day.

I’ve got healthy babies that are adjusting well to lots of changes. I’ve got parents and friends supporting me every step of the way. I’ve got a comfortable home and food in my pantry. I’ve got reliable transportation (now). I’ve been able to hold a civil conversation with all the involved parties. My baby girl is understanding blue days and schedules and seems to be adjusting well. Looonnnnggggg story short-I’ve got nothing to be complaining about.

So-the motto for today is CHIN UP BUTTERCUP. The goal for today is to smile more then I frown and to think about all the pluses and not about all the negatives. One day at a time-that’s all I can do. I can make this day way better than the last. And tomorrow I can work towards making the day even better than the days that came before.

Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. Maybe turning over a new lead is possible. Maybe I’ve been reading too many celestial tea tags :).

What’s positive in your day?


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