Clarity Sucks

So I haven’t written this week. I’ve tried but in the end I just deleted. Might has well have simply typed “see last week” or “see week before that” and so on and so on and so on. So I just didn’t write anything. Truth is that this week isn’t like last week or the […]

Faux Paus

Walking down the major street to get to my office this morning I had a sudden thought…let me back up a bit…crazy morning. Big girl wanted chicken biscuits this morning. Little girl did not want to get up and big boy-well-he’s just learned to lay low and out of our way in the mornings. I […]


Remember chanting…’sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’. This was usually followed by sticking your tongue out at whoever caused you to sing the singsong chant. Remember those days? We were taught to do that against the bully that was making fun of our braces. Some adult told us […]

What is brave?

Tonight my super-shy-4-yr-old hemorrhoid had her 3rd tee ball practice. The first had been okay. She actually took the field after only 1 meltdown. The next practice didn’t go so well. She almost didn’t even take the field. Eventually she did. It was ugly and snotty and but she did it. I started working yesterday […]