The Share Bag

Baby girl got the SHARE BAG at school on Friday. She was giddy and excited and confused–evidently there is a star student bag and a share bag. Share bag=2 items to share with the class. Star student must have a whole lot more clout to it because it’s not limited to only 2 items. God help us when we get the actual star student bag. We are going to need a u-haul trailer to schlep all the things she wants to take.

So, back to the share bag, 2 items to share with the class. 2. The idea that she will actually “share” with the class is a bit absurd because she still barely speaks. Yet she’s excited and seems eager to share. That excites me.

What to share? We had to talk about 2. A lot. 1. 2. That’s all. Not 4 or 45. Two. She had to pick 2 things to share with her class. Her new friends. Her smile lit the room tonight when we were planning her haul. I love seeing my shy girl beam and she beamed about having the share bag.

In the end she selected her Merida doll and an a-b-c book we made her a few Christmases ago. It’s the a-b-c’s displayed in pictures of her life. It sums up all that she’s loves with things she knows-like “B is for Bubba”. I love that she loves it. It’s a perfect item for her share bag because, I hope, she can proudly show off her book and talk easily about all the pictures it contains.

The doll-not quite sure why that made it in. Maybe it’s the first thing she found. I don’t know. But she was tickled as we tucked that red haired doll into the bag. She was pleased to take it so I didn’t put up an fuss. She wants to share the doll-by cracky-she can take the doll. She thought it was oh-so-funny that we had to fold and contort the doll into the bag. She giggled all the way to hang on the door where it’s ready to go.

Seeing it hang there, I wondered, if I had a share bag as an adult what would I choose to put in it? What would I share? What 2 items would tell the world who I am and what I am about? It would have to be something that showed me as a mom because in all honesty, being a mom is the most defining part of my life. It’s the best thing about ME. I don’t mother perfectly. Half the time I don’t even do it well. But I love being a mom. L.o.v.e. So that’s easy. I would share my pride at these little people who call me mom. That’s the first thing I would share.

The 2nd is harder. What about be would I share? What would I want to world to know? The baptism gown my grandmother made and hand stitched? It speaks of how I love and how proud I am of where I came from.

What about the frayed and tattered quilt I snuggle under? This quilt has covered me for years and years-starting in college. I’ve cried more than one tear in these folds. I’ve snuggled all my babies on my lap and this quilt. I’ve been content under the warmth the quilt offered but I’ve also been lost and alone and have tried to hide from the world underneath it. It’s falling apart. There is no batting. Not a single piece of fabric is whole and intact. The back is gossamer it’s so threadbare and worn. But I love it. Every fray and tear represents a moment of my life.

Maybe I would “share” this blog. It’s a snapshot of all that I am-the good-the bad and the ugly. My blog shows me happy and what makes me happy. I write about what makes me sad. It’s real and honest and is me. The unguarded and unfiltered me. This blog tells my stories.

Would I include something I made? I like to create. I like making things that make people smile and feel good. Softball bows, coach posters, picture books or t-shirts. There is a lot I could include. I am not an artist. I am not super talented but I love to “do”. But I do best when the things I make are for special people or special occasions so maybe something generic wouldn’t make such a good share item.

I could share my charm braclet(s). I have one for each child. There are charms on each one that tell the story of how I got to where I am right now. I would have to include all 3 because they all tell a different story. I can’t share one without sharing the two. I suppose that would negate the 2 rule so I’d better keep thinking.

I have letters from the past but you can’t have one without reading them all so that wouldn’t work. I have seashells from my favorite place, the beach. Not so unique. Most of us have tales of the beach and the sea so sharing a shell would not say anything about ME.

My funky shoes? The picture of me surrounded by my girl friends? The gooney picture of me as a baby?

It’s a good thing I don’t have the share bag because I have no idea what I would share with the world about ME.



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