Finding a spot

Remember the days when you could plop down on a girlfriends bed and chat for hours? That feeling of being totally comfortable and being at the right place at the right time with the right people? I am giddy that I had that tonight.

Tonight I went to a friends house without worrying that I was intruding or that I didn’t have anything relative to say. Impulsively I stopped by to check on her. Her mom was there and the 3 of us chatted about fashion and clothes like we were teenage girls. We giggled and laughed and talked. I didn’t have anywhere else to be-for once-and they didn’t seem to be in any hurry to so anything else.

While there I got to see art from a real artist as it was being created. So cool!. I even got to have input. How awesome is that?! A few minutes later a beautiful sweater from Chile became mine. Not long after that I listened to some woes that I actually had some insight on. The conversation flowed carelessly but easily. It was easy and I belonged.

It wasn’t long before we had all had settled comfortably onto a spot on the bed. Topics ranged from grandmotherly advice to idle chit-chat to serious conversations about things that matter. It was a few hours of being totally and completely where I was supposed to be. It’s not often that happens.


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