Take that Sunday

I didn’t have high hopes for today. In fact my main goal-get thru it. Nothing more, nothing less.

An impromptu cool kid rendezvous perked me up a bit. Being outside chatting while the little ones ran around squealing and having fun was refreshing. These are the ladies I trust most in the world. They let me be sad or happy or anywhere in between.

Later at home I had 2 choices-wallowing in my red chair with my ratty comfort quilt pulled up to my chin while episode after episode of Grey’s Anatomy played or being productive.

I’d like to pretend that I immediately did the latter but that would be a bold face lie. I came in, got the crayons out and sank right into my wallering chair. (The crayons weren’t for me.) Would I have stayed there until bed time? I’ll take the fifth on ghat question. I didn’t have a choice because darn if these little people inhabiting my house don’t want to eat at regular intervals. I drug myself up and shuffled into the kitchen.

By some Miracle I had my wits about me enough this morning to crock pot some chicken. I had a mound ready to shred. It’s doing to be the logistical-week-from-hell and these little people and that darn eating regularly thing were going to complicate things. I had vowed to be ready.

Now I am a champion wallow-er. We are talking word class. I am also a get-it-done girl when I have to be. So I hiked up my big girl panties and dug right in.

And BAY-YUM-I got it done. Chicken Alfredo for dinner (thank you ragu) and a chicken casserole all mixed up and ready to be popped into the oven tomorrow. Thanks to my exuberant “I dee kicchhen helper”little one we ate at a set (4-year old set) table. We had a round of best part of your day
Initiated by the she-child. I even got my wits about me and touched a pork loin (gag). 1/2 that bad boy I chopped into pork steals and have marinating for later in the week. The second half if in the freezer.

That felt pretty good so I want ahead and whipped up some cupcakes and cranked out some confectioner sugar icing. None is this was involved or particularly hard-the hardest part had been pulling myself out of the chair.

Mid mixing I heard something. Some foreign sound from a mystical land. I heard laughter. Glancing outside I saw all 3 of my dimpled-darlings playing. Together. Wowza.

We got in a bath with a hair washing
For the littlest and stinkiest of the trio. I heard it again-louder and clearer-there was more of that sound—that laughing. Belly laughing. 2 of them. And then I saw why. 14 year old man child had donned his 4 year old sisters duds and was cracking up sassy pants. Being her she had to do exactly what he did so the 2 of them were dancing around the den amongst the laundry they were supposed to be folding and they were doing so wearing clothes 1/2 their size. But they were doing it together. And they were having fun.

The 3 of them danced around the living room for a few more minutes while I watched and chuckled. It didn’t last long but it lasted long enough for us all to get out if our own heads for a few moments.

For most folks this would just be a normal Sunday night. It used to be a normal Sunday night for me too. But then our normal shifted. It’s been a while since such a night just organically came together. There is something sweet and satisfying about simple.

Take that Sunday!



2 thoughts on “Take that Sunday

  1. Love u Libby!!! And I love those babies!!! Loooove that u are able to see how the simplest of things are the most important! One day, you and I will have an empty house and I will be calling you (sobbing!!!) bc I miss the endless piles of clothes, the constant fighting amongst the kiddos, the million Lego pieces that cover my floor, and the 100 other reasons that will disappear when the kiddos take flight out of our nests! Enjoy those moments my friend! Loooove your stories!!

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