When you get married there is hoopla. Even when you elope and get married under a tree in a Northern State wearing jeans…there is hoopla. Hoopla in the form of flowers, champagne, cake, cameras and people. There are people there smiling and happy. There is activity. There is merriment. There is happiness. I got divorced […]


All I know about rickets is that it happened a lot on ships (pirate in my mind) and that it is caused by a lack of fruit and vegetables. Think it makes your bow-legged? Suffice it to say I don’t know much. I am convinced that my floundering little family is at risk for rickets. […]

Double Shot

My son and nephew are the best of pals…always have been. They are 6 weeks apart and have been friends their entire lives. They live an hour and half a way from one another. My son is a city boy and my nephew is a country fella but they make it work. C (my son) […]