There She Blows!

Fall ball. It’s not serious. It’s training, learning, casual and fun. To most people. Repeat after me people,”Fall ball”.

Monday night I sat and listened as one father slammed my daughter. I stayed silent. He’s an idiot-or a genius who doesn’t know to come in out of the rain-either way he’s stupid. Let me interject something here–Contrary to most peoples beliefs I don’t seek drama. That’s my daddy in me.

There is a point where I don’t walk away from drama either. That’s my mama in me.

I am proud of both.

Next night. 3rd inning. My hero-coach Jesse gives everyone and I mean everyone a chance. The girls rotate. Outfield, sitting and infield..every girl moves thru his rotation. He teaches girls that would never be able to learn otherwise. He believes in them and they give him their all. And even if their all is not perfect they know he will still believe in them the next game, and the next and the one after that.

My precious girl gets to play 1st base-she gets to learn 1st base-during the 3rd inning. It’s her chance and she lives for the chance.

Pop fly to right field. Younger Player almost gets it. Moron behind me says, “if (insert his daughters name here) was playing that would have been an out.” My daddy side of me bit my tongue and watched the game. Moron dad keeps taking and talking and talking. First he laments to another parent that her daughter doesn’t belong in the outfield.

I want to shout,”hey $&$&&$!-my daughter plays outfield , but I don’t. I move down a little further on the bench and try to ignore ignoramous. He’s hard to ignore. Most idiots are.

“3rd inning is when he (coach) puts in the (I hears lesser) LESSER players.” Duuuuudddddeeee. I am right here!! We’ve played with this jerk for 2 years. He know me. He knows my daughter. The tone he used to portray his disgust at the outfield is grating.

Luckily, I am distracted by a shaky throw from 3rd to….you got it….first and my daughter who is playing first.
My girl grabs it (wahoo) and drops it (dang). Self-proclaimed commentator feels the need to voice his opinion. “I don’t know why HE does this.”

I am starting to feel less and less like my calm dad.

Because there are no outs and it’s 8:45 the ump calls last inning. Mush-for-brains has got an opinion about that,”well this game just got out of hand.” He’s talking about the defense. My daughter and the defense. “He needs to do something,” implying that he thinks he needs to remove all those lesser players from the field??? “Ohhhhhh! This could be never ending,” he’s still talking but I’ve become my mothers daughter and have had enough.

“Sir!” I take a deep breath. I am going to need it. I pivot around on the bench to where he sits-right behind my left shoulder. Word is wisdom here-if you are going to slam someone’s daughter perhaps you should sit farther away from her mother. Just sayin’. “That’s my daughter out there and that is about the 3rd negative thing you’ve had to say. This is fall ball. He’s giving them he chance to learn. It’s the only way they will learn,” I don’t raise my voice but I am using my best mom voice. He’s staring straight ahead and won’t look at me. The mother next to him is wide eyed. “Stop. Please!” He mumbles “well I am sorry” without ever looking at me. I turn back to my seat and resume watching the game. Smart-stupid-man thankfully quietens his commentary. There are whispers which I am positive involve me but that doesn’t bother me. Mess with me-okay-mess with my daughter or coach Jesse-not okay.

We lost the game. And guess what? The world didn’t end. No one was hurt and the earth kept spinning. IT IS FALL BALL!. And guess what-5 girls got to play infield. 5 girls left that field knowing that their coach believes in them. 5 girls learned a little but more about the game they love. And you know what?! That’s way more important to me.

Damn that man for making me use my softball mom voice.



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