Road trip

Today went exactly as expected. Spoiled to pieces by my parents. One last gathering at Nanny-Danny’s house, a horrible exchange and lots of miles. Sharing a child on a holiday is awful. Awful. Awful. I hated seeing my doodle bug drive away. My heart broke as she jumped up in that car and whizzed away- […]


I am loved. This weekend my cousins-the first loves of my life-made sure I knew exactly how much I was loved. In the midst of sadness I had a moment of pure joy. After all was said and done…after our last good-byes to Nanny were done…we gathered for one last time. On the front porch […]

The name we share

Elizabeth T. Hayes died today. I am Elizabeth H. Hayes. The weight of that name weighs heavy tonight. My Nanny’s obituary is  full of accolades and accomplishments; full of awards and honors. She did something with her life. She did things, saw things and changed things. You don’t meet anyone that knows Nanny that doesn’t remark […]

At the Center

My cousin and I sat on the worn, gold carpet on the stairs tonight. My grandmother lay in the room off the hall surrounded by family. Though she’s 100 saying goodbye isn’t easy. Watching her struggle is even harder. I had succumbed to the sad and escaped to the stairs. My cousin sat beside me […]