So I am sitting in the bleachers at UGA’s natatorium. I sit here every Tuesday and Thursday nights. It’s pretty awe inspiring. The magnitude of this place makes me feel small. (Usually I look for things to maker feel that way.) The amazing feats that people do in this building leave me breathless. My sons done amazing things in this building.

Harvard bird

Harvard bird

Tonight I am seeing amazing on a whole ‘nother level. College divers. The awesomeness is multi-faceted. On one hand these are artists and athletes all wrapped up in one incredible, compact, sinewy and muscular package. Nice packages. Scantily clad packages.

One man just twisted and flipped more times than I could count. It was raw power combined with graceful elegance. He hit the board with such force that the sound startled me. The board almost seemed to split in two but moments before it split the board sprang back and catapulted him into the heavens. He, in 10meters, he did more spins and flips and turns then seemed humanly possible. At just the last second he unfurled his body and straight as an arrow he delicately slipped into the water with barely a ripple. If he hadn’t been from Auburn University I would have leapt to my feet and cheered.

He had barely surfaced when 30 feet above the pool another diver stood posed on her toes ready to leap. Her heels hung over the edge. She was 30 ft above the water and was about to leap backwards. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until she finished her dive and I gasped for breath. She got out. Ran back up the stairs and was ready to go again before I could even get my breath back. This time she dove….no she soared. It as as close to a human becoming a bird as I believe you can get. Stunning and beautiful all at once. She was from
Harvard. Seeing an Harvard athlete was really cool. Seeing a Harvard diver perform air ballet was even cooler.

In less then 4 years my son will -god willing-be in college. These were all someone’s sons. Some mom sat in bleachers for hours on end and watched her son face plant and belly smack and fall. But now these women don blue and orange and red and blank or maroon and white and watch their once gawky and awkward collegiate athlete sons be aquatic studs. Less than 4. Will I be one of those moms?

PS I was going to take e a picture of the divers to illustrate the athleticism and grace and lushness of these men but they are in speedos and on 4 Years I wouldn’t want some stalker Middle Aged woman taking pics of him so I shamed myself out of the selfie with the Auburn divers in the background.



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