Getting the holiday spirit

Christmas lights from an unexpected source who knew this Christmas was hard on us…

A little girl learning to write proudly spelling her brothers name on a package…

My funky, sassy daughter happily asking to use our “brown paper packages tied up on string” theme again this year…

Knowing my daughter spent her own money on a gift for me but more importantly and that she’s so excited to give it and so proud if herself for what she bought…

The same girl spent her own money on her grandmothers gift too and she’s equally thrilled…

The Sound Of Music’s “brown paper packages tied up with string” playing while my girls and I wrapped up brown paper packages tied on pretty strings.

After my song the Frozen soundtrack was found and my little elf sang every word of most every song while she held the marker and asked,”what’s next”…

We didn’t unpack much but our favorites are all out. My years of Santa pictures and my babies nutcrackers. We all have what makes us happy…

Yesterday we tried version 4.0 of 3 kids in one large room and a closet. As Colton and I lifted and hefted the solid wood dresser thru the garage and up the stairs me fella said,”we got it mama,” just when we thought we weren’t enough. Later, when the room was complete, the furniture all moved and the room all re-designed he looked around and said,”This what we do mama. We do hard stuff and just get it done. That’s who we are.” Best. Gift. Ever.

I had no expectations of this year. But it looks like the holiday spirit is alive and well in out teeny-tiny home this year.



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