No agenda

We traveled 9+ hours and it was worth every mile. Today we saw the pentagon 911 memorial. Then we meandered though Arlington national cemetery where each and every grave was adorned with a real evergreen wreath and a red velvet bow. It was simple and beautiful and moving. Row after row after row of white tombstones with wreaths laid solemnly at their base.

On my wish list was to see the tomb is the unknown solider. We found it today. Together we sat in quiet reverence while the solider guarding the unknown soldiers grave walked his 21 steps. Clicked his heels and marched 21 steps right back.

My girl got her wish and got a late lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington. My fella and his jaunty hat led to way to the White House and back by the FBI building. And took great glory in the fact that I was leading us in the wrong direction. More than once he moved back his fur lined ear flap to expose his ear so I could tell him that he was right.

It was a good day. No tours. No agenda. Just footloose and fancy free.

True to my word I let them decide our plans. Tonight it’s monopoly, tv and a pizza (to which we each owe $7.50) delivered to our room. I sprang for lunch so dinner had to be split. It’s a lesson. A lesson on choices and on pitching in. Totally off subject but I must say that I am appalled that you now play monopoly using a debit card and an electronic banking machine. Inflation is as play too. $2 million for passing Go?!!!! Progress I guess.

Back on track–They spent an hour in the fitness room (together!) and another 30 minutes exploring our super nice hotel. They feel free and happy and I feel good that they feel that way.

Tomorrow my fella (and his hat) have planned a picnic on a lawn near the Washington monument after we visit the smithsonian. Beyond lunch who knows what we will do. Doesn’t really matter to me. I am with them and that’s exactly where I want to be.



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