Mommy getting goofy!

Mommy getting goofy!

My mind is humming it’s a small world even though that’s not the vacation we are on. Today in he smithsonian a gentleman came up and asked us where we were from. He recognized Kinsley’s TITAN UP shirt because his son was a Titan. A few exhibits later we met the wife of the man. She was a swim mom! The other Titan was a Titan tide swimmer. How cool was that?!?

Today was Smithsonian day. Fella donned his hat and the map and off we went. It was nice to be able to wander unhurriedly. I didn’t once have to say,”Hurry!”Or “we are late.” For today we had nowhere else to be. I saw amazing things today: the hope diamond, dinosaur bones, airplanes and moon rocks. But noting enthralled me as much as a day with my bigs. A day no obligations, no commitments and nothing demanding attention. There was just us, a map and a whole city to explore.

We took goofy pictures of national monuments. We gave a little change to a homeless lady on a corner. I let my 15 year old chuckle at the homo erectus display without scolding him. We had a greasy hamburger and some amazing fries at Ollie’s burgers. A old-fashioned family restaurant where they wrote your orders down on white butcher paper. The teenage son and daughter bickered and complained about working while they literally slung burgers over the counter. They were rude and the food took forever and I have heartburn BUT it all made our late lunch an experience so I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s part is what the trip is about after all-creating memories and today we did.

A little skittish to be wandering the streets after dark my big boy protectively shepherd-Ed us back to our hotel early in the evening. On our big fluffy bed we tucked in for the night with a Harry Potter marathon that we never would have watched at home. Though it’s not typical to tuck in early on vacation that’s just as much a part of this trip as the museums and sights.

Tomorrow’s plan is to rent bikes, grab sandwiches and spent the day with the monuments and the harbor. I don’t care what we do. As long as we laugh and they see their mom smiling and living the what we are doing isn’t nearly as important as the who I will be doing it with.



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