Credit where credit is due

In a bonehead moment I decide to extend our adventure 1 more day. It started looking at a very large map, seeing North Carolina and the outer banks. Segue to my bucket list where I’ve always wanted to see the wild mustangs of Corolla, NC. Why not? I thought. Guess I let the success of this Christmas adventure make me cocky. How far out of the way can the North Carolina coast be?

Turns out it’s a LOT out of the way. We drove and drove and drove and still weren’t there. I claimed mommy fail and we kept driving and kept driving and kept driving. There were miles of nothing. My feet went numb. My son changed positions 4,376 times in the front seat.

During all the driving I had plenty of time to think.

I am the first to call foul when something isn’t right. I also like to believe I am the first to give credit where credit is due. And credit for this adventure lies with my bigs dad.

We usually split Santa. This year he rose to the occasion and became Santa. Had he not planned and paid for the rooms our bonding adventure never would have been possible.

Even the bonehead move was made possible when his daughter mentioned the beach. A few hours later we got a text with confirmation for an ocean front room. His girl wanted the coast and he gave it to her.

This past year has effected us all. The bigs dad worried about the effects it was going to have on the holiday die the fella and the sassy miss. In a moment of pure thoughtfulness he put up Christmas lights so the kids had some Christmas spirit. When I mentioned an adventure he jumped right in and said I can help with that. And he did. He cashed in some points and made the arrangements. Credit where credit is due and the bigs dad gets the credit this year.

Midway through the return trip from hell my big fella turned to me and said,”This was great. This was a great trip. Thanks mom.” I was quick to tell him to thank his dad. He grinned that half-smile of his and promised he would. But he also went on to compliment the experience-the memories and the adventure of it. My heart fluttered because that’s all I wanted from this trip.

One is the biggest lessons from this hurtful year has been that sometimes you have to accept help when it’s offered. Their dad offered help his holiday season and I accepted it. And in doing so I got the adventure and memories of a lifetime.



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