Happy home-haha

I just threw a spittle-flying-eye-bulging-finger-pointing hissy fit. It was immediately followed by a 24 minute lecture in the car. Now I am implementing the cold shoulder. Mothering at it’s finest right here. It’s Tuesday. Tuesdays we eat $5 pizza IN THE CAR due to diving. Don’t get out that mother of the year nomination form […]

Happy heavy

I have a happy heavy heart right now. Happy because my son in his freshman year is part of the Northeast Georgia regional championship swim team. BOOYAH. Happy because my novice diver scored a 7-7-6.5 on a dive tonight. His highest score to date. And it was pppppprrrreetttyyyyyy’ Happy because I have great swim parent […]

Outside looking In

It was a cold and rainy night. A cold, rainy Friday night. A cold, rainy, gray day in a very long and frustrating week. I had worked later then I planned. Result! I had to and rush and still got to practice late (again). From there I the. rushed to the store to get the […]

The cursor just blinks and blinks and blinks. Like my day-I am so close to having something to say but can’t quite make my random thoughts from anything useful. In need of some bolstering today I pulled one of my prized reasons we love Libby messages my birthday jar. Here’s want I got: Libby is […]

3 seconds

3 seconds. It’s enough time for a deep breath, a moment to visualize the end, to say silent prayer or a whisper a “please”. It’s a moment or it’s an eternity. 3 seconds can make all the difference. In 3 seconds you can become a hero or you can suffer defeat. All in 3 seconds. […]