Dear 2015:

We need to talk. I had high hopes for you. Despite all indicators I choose-with great effort mind you-to believe the best of you. I am a little disappointed. You just haven’t lived up to my expectations. I understand that you are young and have a lot to learn. I am not young and do not have as much patience as I once did. I. And wait for you to figure this out on your own. So this is my effort to nip this in the bud. There is still time to change my mind. Step up to the plate and be ready to be all you can be. I know you can be more than you are now. I believe in you. You have all the potential to be stellar. You do. I believe you won’t only meet my expectations-I believe you can exceed them. It’s going to take some work. Dig deep and give it all you’ve got. We can do this; we can. Tomorrow is a new day-let’s make it count. Let’s pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and give it another go.

A 2014 survivor


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