“Mama I donna tuddle to your bact.”

Don’t worry if you don’t understand-most people don’t-but I do. I understand every word and it sounds adorable to me. It’s her baby talk and it reminds me that she is my baby.

“Twin! Tum on twin” says she. No, there aren’t 2 of her. She’s calling the dog who’s name starts with a Q-not a T. The dog comes. Even the dog understands her.

TOLTON and Twinsley
What dat?
That’s dishushing
Drant is my bess friend

It’s her vocabulary-her little tiny voice that so few get to hear. We know what she is saying. Unconsciously we all say a few words here and there like she does. And doing so-using her words-makes us smile. It’s like a family language. It’s our secret.

But it can’t go on. Less adorable is the stutter and the elongation of sounds as she struggles to get the right word. That hurts my heart. And like the old adage,”which came first….” We start looking at the stutter and the shyness. Is she shy because she stutters? Does she stutter because she’s so shy? Too shy?

In the end it doesn’t matter which came first or why it happens. In the end she needs help so that she is comfortable talking to more than one fwrend (not a misspelling). Her grandparents need to understand her. She needs to find confidence and she can’t so that st-st-sta-stuttering. One day she won’t raise her hand if when she starts to answer all that comes out is “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”. As it is -even the most patient person has to clench their fist so as to not tap her gently on the back of the head as if she were an old record player that needed a little push to get out of a stuck groove. Sooner rather than later she will save herself embarrassment and just not say anything. I can’t let that happen.

And so my girl will get help. I live in a school district that believes in early intervention so someone much smarter than I has already developed a plan that will move with her into kindergarten, and beyond, if needed. She’ll soon learn to say cuddle but well never stop tuddling.



2 thoughts on “Tuddle

  1. Love love love this sweet story!! I understood EVERY word she said in your story. πŸ˜‰ comes with the job! Lol! Glad she is Getting Speech therapy at such an early age…what a blessing!!! And yes, Oconee county has some amazing Speech-Language Pathologists!! 2 of my own babies received speech up there and our 3rd will be starting soon! She is adorable and wait til u see how brave and confident she is going to become! Sending prayers for you guys! Tell her that most SLP’s give their pumpkins candy or stickers after speech πŸ˜‰ that might bribe her ! Lol!

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